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Another thread about the editor


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<p>1. When I toggle off the fancy mode I still want to click BBcode buttons, but they&#39;re all faded out.<br />
2. It should be easier to remove or hide icons from the editor like the code button on a forum that doesn&#39;t have a use for it. Maybe someone only wants to display the basics as opposed to a Las Vegas casino.</p>
<p>3. Changing the link title in fancy mode isn&#39;t easy or user friendly. I find myself switching off fancy mode to edit it.</p>
<p>4. A way to turn off the copy and paste copying of the text size and font, etc.</p>
<p>The current editor is like sticking plastic lawn chairs (the editor) in a Bugatti Veyron (IPB). I&#39;d rather have an editor hand crafted by IPS.</p>

I tried posting this after switching on and off the editing mode and it didn't show the topic. I hit back to copy my text to repost and I get the HTML stuff. My third time trying to post this.

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Posts will continue getting trashed like this until IPS either implement the native BBCode mode for CKEditor, or (my vastly preferred option) restore the option of using IPS's home-grown standard editor as seen in 3.1. No amount of bug fixing is going to cure the underlying cause of converting back and forth between HTML and BBCode within the editor.

I hope a final solution for this is already under development for IPB 3.4.

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Just because I'm sitting here fighting with my mod to upgrade to use the CKeditor I'd like to say I kind of agree. I would totally prefer the old IPS editor back. I have been fighting to be able to implement it for 2 days and over 12 hours just trying to get it to function as intended.

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