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I need to change the way of displaying inbox conversations after clicking envelope on the top.

I really don't need to know who started conversation as many times its ME and I don't need to know that I'm a part of conversation that is in MY inbox.
What I realy need to know is who I'm writing with - this really helps to identification of messages - my avatar and my nick there doesn't give me any info.

Thanks for any solution to this.

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It's a fair point to say that having the topic starter in that particular area is no use for normal members, especially when you send more PMs than receive. (Good for mods because you see who has sent you a new message.)
I think the person you are having the PM conversation with would make sense for members. If there are more than one person you are replying to, have it like

Test Message
Multiple Users - Jan 03 2012 04:51 PM

Or if it is indeed a single user, just have their name..

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All the info is available to the template (inboxList in OtherGlobalTemplates)

You can use these to get names and image (default template uses _starterMemberData)

I've not tried it, but there is also likely
an array with all invites and info : $topic['_invitedMemberData'][]
and an array of names : $topic['_invitedMemberNames'][]


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Sorry, but this argument have nothing in common .
Maybe most users are not the one who want to change it, but EVERYONE who receive/send message knows that he is already a part of his conversation and don't need to be informed about it. What everyone needs is to quickly knows with whom this conversation is. Especially when one receive lot of messages.

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If it would show both participants in the conversation, then that would be great. Bottom line is if you start a personal conversation, then when someoen responds to it you may not know who the conversation is with because all you see is the title. Heck, it would be nice if it took you to the first unread message too when clicked.

The suggested changes would be just as beneficial for Joe User as for Joe Admin.

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How do i get it to show up like that? [img]


Sorry for the late reply, not been on much lately.

This works on 3.2.3. Modify the template (inboxList in OtherGlobalTemplates). Here are my changes from default:

<h4 class='ipsType_sectiontitle'>{$this->lang->words['inbox_at_the_top']}<p class='ipsPad_half ipsType_smaller right'><a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=messaging" base="public"}' class='configure'>{$this->lang->words['inbox_list_view']}</a> · <a href='{parse url="module=messaging&amp;section=send&amp;do=form" base="publicWithApp"}' title='{$this->lang->words['compose_new']}'>{$this->lang->words['compose_new']}</a></p></h4>

<ul class='ipsList_withminiphoto'>

<if test="hasTopics:|:count($topics)">

  <foreach loop="loopynotify:$topics as $topic">

  <li class='<if test="$topic['map_has_unread']">unread</if> ipsType_small clearfix'>

   <img src='{$topic['_lastMsgAuthor']['pp_mini_photo']}' alt="{parse expression="sprintf($this->lang->words['users_photo'],$topic['_lastMsgAuthor']['members_display_name'])"}" class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini left' />

   <div class='list_content'>

	<a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=messaging&amp;section=view&amp;do=findMessage&amp;topicID={$topic['mt_id']}&amp;msgID=__firstUnread__" base="public"}'>

	<if test="$topic['map_has_unread']"><strong></if>{$topic['mt_title']}<if test="$topic['map_has_unread']"></strong></if>


	<br />

	<span class='ipsType_smaller desc lighter'>Last by {$topic['_lastMsgAuthor']['members_display_name']} - {parse date="$topic['msg_date']" format="short"}</span>




<else />

  <li class='row1 ipsPad_half ipsType_smaller'>{$this->lang->words['inbox_list_none']}</li>



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