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[suggestion] 3.3 or next future release


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  • WYSIWYG Editor and Categories for "Manage Help Files" (~Faq System)
  • MCP or SCP-> Moderator Control Panel or Staff Control Panel
    Admin can setup in ACP what features can be accessible out from the ACP, for staff non administrator collaboration.
  • SubCategories to make possible the creation of a forum inside a forum
  • Permanent sidebar (in forum and other views)
  • Make more easy the setup of the IN_DEV mode.
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Enable/Disable "Report Post/Topic" for Usergroups

One feature I would like to see is the ability to enable or disable the "report" feature for administrators. Currently, members can report a post you make as an administrator and there is no way to disable this feature. How about adding the option so that the root admin can enable or disable the report feature for certain usergroups?

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