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Memcache and php PECL extension

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I have disable the option to use phpinfo for security reasons....

On modules installer i have this:

The Following Language Module Installs are installed:

PHP Pecl
Ruby Gem
PHP Extensions and Applications Package
Perl Module

Does that means that i have already install the PHP Pecl that memcached need for php and i need just to install using Easy Apache to install the memcache?

Or i must do something else there like clicking on manage and find what there so i can click install on the menu?

Thank you

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php_info, You only disable that if your a webhost.. Saying that you do not even have to disable it..

There are MUCH more disabled functions to think about before applying the weakest one.

memcache is PHP extension for using memcached and mecached is the caching eingine but without each other they are useless.

Once you installed memcache through whm thin you must install memcached manually.. There is no option through cpanel..

The YUM command should do it:

yum install memcached

Or you may have to install from the source,.. Once done restart apache, Then check the php.ini file for the "extension=memcache.so" extenson, It should be there !

Or check this way.

ps aux | grep memcached

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Ok thanks Gary :smile:

How i can check if memcache works after all and if is caching for sure php?

Can you please also a few basic options to adjust for default installation like ram to use or anything else?

I was thinking to use xcache for general php cacher (no lines on invision config file) and memcache with editing the config invision file and adding there the correct lines...

But they will both cache php?


Thank you

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