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  1. 4.0 - Delta Updates

    So will the delta updates be available for normal download too? An official git repository would be the best idea, but I guess I can make my own.
  2. 4.0 - File Storage

    will you consider supporting Redis as a cache backend? it's similar to memcached...
  3. Avatar filenames and caching

    i solved this on my forum. now it stores the avatar's last edit time in the database as a query string (the file's name in the filesystem stays the same), i.e. profile/photo-2.jpg?1320180009. since it involves (literally) two lines of code, it would be nice to see this activated by default. in /admin/sources/classes/member/photo.php, find this (should be line 127): $save = array( 'pp_main_photo' => $photo['final_location'], and replace with: $save = array( 'pp_main_photo' => $photo['final_location'].'?'.time(), then find this (line 130): 'pp_thumb_photo' => $photo['t_final_location'], and replace with: 'pp_thumb_photo' => $photo['t_final_location'].'?'.time(), haven't had any problem so far, though it might (or might not) break avatar-related cleanup tools.
  4. Avatar filenames and caching

    yes, this is also what most other forum packages do.
  5. Avatar filenames and caching

    i'm having this issue too. tracker says it has been solved, but it doesn't seem so...
  6. right now, if i want to move all activities in the system scheduler to cron, i have to manually disable all of them one by one, get the curl commands and add cron formatting. it would be easier for us with a shell to just have a function that disables all activities and outputs all of them as a formatted crontab which includes the time preset, ready to be pasted in crontab.
  7. very nice! since I use a localized version of the forum, these improvements are really welcome. some other ideas: - providing example pages/screenshots/descriptions for those strings which are difficult to find "in live action", to disambiguate them according to context - a cleaner, divided by language lang packs section - hiring professional translators for the most popular languages. some translations right now are clearly made by amateurs, and contain A LOT of dumb grammar errors or inappropriate wordings. - or, if the previous option is too expensive, setting up some sort of centralized wiki-like interface to translate languages, like facebook translations, where users/customers can propose and vote on better string translations, so if there are mistakes they can be easily corrected by crowdsourcing. this could also be done by some third-party site (if i only had the PHP skillz i would've done that myself), but it would be nice to site it official, since lots of big companies (again, facebook is the best example) are doing it.