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iPhone App - Minor Gripe


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Okay so today I opened the app store, and I see there's an update to the IPS iPhone App, "great", I think, "I wonder what's been fixed in this version!" (no lie, I read those things)

So I open it up, and what I get is this rather unhelpful description of what's changed:


I know it's minor minor minor, and I love using the app, it's awesome, and free and all that other stuff which I love, but I'd also like to suggest that you use that space to document a changelog now?

Unless I missed a changelog somewhere.. in which case, shoot me now and point me in the correct direction :unsure:

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Yah, I admit that was a pretty big gripe for me... If I'm on 3G which I normally am when not at work, if I'm going to use my data I'd like to know what I'm using it on is at least worth the download... And since you wrote the app you should know ahead of time what was fixed in it.. so it shouldn't be terribly hard to just go "update fixes EXPLODING MONKEYS OF DOOOM" etc

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FWIW, I updated an app on my iPhone this weekend, and specifically looked at the list of changes out of curiosity (thinking of this topic), and it literally said "bug fixes". At least we capitalized "Bug".

Nobody's perfect, and that's their problem, however you (as a company, not you as in bfarber) should strive to be more than perfect to provide the best customer experience.

An example is I updated Skype today on the iPod and I saw it had "Fixed: Video Calls Crashing", hadn't happened to me yet, but nice to know.

There was also a Wordpress app update, which said "Fixed: Crashes App if publishing from media tab" - that one actually happened to me, I read to see if it was fixed as it's nice to know..

That's all I was asking for, a little brief line to know exactly what was fixed.. I'm weird like that I guess..
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