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IE7 not working well with 3.1.3


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Ok, you're missing the point. It does not matter how much you think IE7 sucks, how great you think IE8 is, or how easy it is to upgrade. All that matters is what people out there are using. Not everybody uses the latest and greatest software, period. Nobody here, or even on planet earth for that matter, has the power to force everybody with a computer to upgrade to the latest version of IE.

60% of Windows users still use XP

7% of internet users still use IE7

Windows 7 is better than XP. Do you think this means that nobody must support XP? Of course not.

It does not matter if you think the software is garbage and nobody should use it. As a forum owner (and software vendor, IPS), you must support IE7 because a significant number of your visitors use it.

I like Windows XP more than 7. Windows 7 is just too resource intensive for my cheap computers.
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I noticed my site had a tremendous increase in traffic after 3.1 release. I suspect that was the version that finally handled most of the 3.0 IE disasters.3.1.2 has been by far the best version to-date. I've decided to hold off on 3.1.3 until I'm confident that issues like this are ironed out.

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I think Ryan sump up a lot

If you want to "enforce" or ask people to upgrade EVERYThing, ask them to dump car that produce polutions first


I'm sorry but that is like comparing apples and oranges. It cost a lot of money and effort to replace 1 card. It takes less almost no effort to upgrade your browser AND it's FREE. If I were asking people to upgrade to IE9 that would be a different story. Likely you would have to get a new computer since it isn't available on XP. But we're talking about IE8: A free upgrade avaiable on XP, an operating system that is almost 10 years old. And for those that have already made the leaop from IE6 to IE7, the leap from IE7 to IE8 isn't that big (from a user standpoint).

I know what the statistics are. But I also know that with other non-Microsoft browsers the adoption/upgrade rate is much higher. I'm not caliming it's going to happen over night. What I'm saying is if they don't have to upgrade, why should they? Users need to be educated to upgrade their software.
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I have users who need to use IE7 because that is what is enforced at their workplace (this is for a work-related forum). I will be filing it in the tracker but not holding my breath, as IP's support of IE at any stage of 3.x has been PATHETIC. There's no excuse. "BUT IE IS OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD AND SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!" So's your mother. Strange how millions of websites still work fine with IE7, but not this forum software. Sorry, that's just crappy QA. They plainly didn't even test 3.1.4. Getting sick of this product I paid for and that casually puts out poorly tested, buggy versions. Am looking to switch to one of the competing products like vbulletin because of this attitude. We'll see.

Sorry but as a web dev I never tell my customers "tough luck if my software doesn't work on your browser", particularly when it is running a mainstream browser.

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Firefox	No	43617	42 %

MS Internet Explorer	No	30243	29.1 %

Google Chrome	No	18660	17.9 %

Safari	No	5996	5.7 %

Opera	No	3811	3.6 %

Mozilla	No	582	0.5 %

Android browser (PDA/Phone browser)	No	536	0.5 %

Netscape	No	146	0.1 %

Unknown	?	118	0.1 %

UP.Browser (PDA/Phone browser)	No	42	0 %

This is the information from my site. I cater to the younger (13~30) audience, so most of them know to keep up to date with their browsers. At that, we're also relatively small, so our numbers are somewhat skewed as well. The 'No's' are the info based on Grabber capability. My IE users all use IE 8 (we had a HUGE discussion about this when we updated to 3.1.4, it must have gone on for pages...) but in the end it all worked out. I realize that IE7 isn't EOL yet, and so do my users, but most of them prefer to be up-to-date with the latest web gadgets and what not.

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