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Ability to EDIT Members Status Updates


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Right now, admin and mods can only delete or lock status updates posts. We need the feature to also be able to EDIT it. Many times, members put up legitimate status updates, but sometimes they mix it along with self promotional ads or bad words. There are many times we don't want to remove - a simple editing option would solve the problem.

We can edit posts and blog comments, why can't be edit status updates?

For bad words, we tried to add the bad word to the filter list, but because it was added AFTER the status update, it didn't do anything. It'll be nice to at least have a status filter refresh so bad words can at least be applied.

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I'm not convinced that it's necessary for admins/mods to edit status updates. I'm a bit up in the air on that idea - I would think for the majority of sites, the ability to delete the status update would suffice.

What do others think? Is this something that's really needed, or just a "nice to have"?

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In my opinion: no. It shouldn't be able to edit status updates. Why is that so? Well, it's not really a big deal for users to delete their message if they write something wrong and then just copy/paste what they had in there. Of course, the situation is another for mods and admins who can't delete a status message from a user and then post a corrected version on behalf of them. What they can do however is to delete the status update and notify the user, then maybe send them the message they deleted in return.

Adding the option would also require that there was a edit message along with the edit, since it of course would be very discomforting if mods and admins could easily edit peoples status updates and it didn't get displayed. For small status messages like these I just don't think it's necessary.

A much more sensible thing to do would be to add editing to comments for reports, but that is another suggestion.

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