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Download: Baisik // ipbforumskins.com


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File Name: Baisik // ipbforumskins.com
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 17 Mar 2010
File Category: Professional Skins

baisik www.ipbforumskins.com

The baisik (pronounced basic) skin is a clean, modern design utilizing numerous hover effects on the primary navigation, secondary navigation and forum rows. The design has modified layouts for the board index, forum index, topic page and profile page.

Click here to view more information about this skin.

Click here to download this file

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2CO is happy to provide both US suppliers and internationally-based suppliers with an e-commerce solution.

We can service vendors from almost anywhere in the world.

Suppliers from Venezuela must meet certain conditions.

Suppliers or banking institutions from the following countries are currently EXCLUDED from any type of operating arrangement with 2CO:

* North Korea
* Cuba
* Iran
* Sudan
* Syria
* Myanmar (Burma)

Pakistan is not there Yay!!!!!

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i would recommend using 2checkout, most of the themes that i buy for wordpress or joomla use 2checkout....

PayPal charges 3.5% of the transaction in fees. 2CO charges 5.5% + $0.45.
PayPal charges $0 in fees on a chargeback. 2CO charges between $11 and $50. And worse, even if you win, they have a clause allowing them to charge you $15 in fees for "their time".

And with the chargeback rate on IPB mods/skins (Oliview and Ehren can attest to this I'm sure) this could quite quickly bankrupt a seller.

To whit, no IPB modder or skinner will ever use 2CheckOut. It''s just too dangerous.

Nice work by the way Ehren. I'm sorely tempted to "add it to my collection" so to speak (I think I have about 14 skins now - installing IPB apps takes forever!)
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