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  1. Mobile Skin Now Online

    Awesome :thumbsup:
  2. there are some members on this who i laugh at everyday :-}}

  3. i love preview topic feature. helps great.

  4. yikes view new content not working :/

  5. you can expect 3.1 anytime now my wife just said.

    1. Matt


      She was correct. :)

  6. I'm not so sure about that. If you can show me some hard facts that prove PayPal are prejudice against your country, then I will apologize directly to you in the thread in front of the entire IPS forums.

  7. you would feel the same way as i do, if your country was banned by paypal too.

  8. let;s have some PM discussion over this, I have not debated with someone on the internet for ages. :whistle:
  9. 2CO is happy to provide both US suppliers and internationally-based suppliers with an e-commerce solution. We can service vendors from almost anywhere in the world. Suppliers from Venezuela must meet certain conditions. Suppliers or banking institutions from the following countries are currently EXCLUDED from any type of operating arrangement with 2CO: * North Korea * Cuba * Iran * Sudan * Syria * Myanmar (Burma) Pakistan is not there Yay!!!!!
  10. nah, even i have their merchant account ? and I live in Pakistan ? they asked me for my passport though which i gave.
  11. i would recommend using 2checkout, most of the themes that i buy for wordpress or joomla use 2checkout....
  12. paypal does not support our country. :/ they are damn racist.
  13. I don't have paypal :/
  14. I will start praising you if you update your Twitter as often as matt does. :rolleyes:
  15. :blink: what does this thread have to do with 'support' here .... As matt said, and i hope too that there will be improved search in 3.1 which i guess would be released on :ph34r: