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Before you release 3.1.0...

Axel Wers

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Invision Power Services -> Community Blog List change to Community Blog List - Invision Power Services
Invision Power Services Calendar change to Calendar - Invision Power Services
Invision Power Services -> Gallery change to Gallery - Invision Power Services
Tracker change to Tracker - Invision Power Services
Shoutbox change to Shoutbox - Invision Power Services


Links - Invision Power Services


It's prettier, is not it?

First should be name of application (like subdomain) then name of community server.

For explanation: I mean what is between <title> </title>

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That's a no vote from me. If you are referring to urls then having the module name first followed by the domain name then it's actually a sub-domain. There's no way I want my gallery etc modules organised to look like sub domains or to be actual sub domains.

This sounds logical to me:

www.domainname.com/forums/gallery/ or www.domainname.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/ to get to the gallery

instead of

www.gallery.domainname.com/ which looks aweful to me.

If I've read your suggestion all wrong then please clarify.


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I did Links that way because I think it's easier to identify that way. If I have a bunch of tabs open I'm more likely to identify the correct one if the most unique portion of the title is on the tab first (i.e., the link/post/blog/etc title). If it's just a bunch of tabs of the forum name it's rather pointless.

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So basically, <title>(topic title or app name) - (board name)</title> so
"Before you release 3.1.0... - Invision Power Services"
"Community Blog List - Invision Power Services"
"Gallery - Invision Power Services"

That could definitely be helpful. Even if you can't see the name of the site in the tab, usually the favicon image reminds you of which site you're looking at (not always) so title/app name first would help remember which tab is which.

+1 from me

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Ah I see. It's still a no vote from me. However I note at my site that when I click the Links Tab I get the word "Links" first. So what I would suggest is that things be consistent.


For SEO purposes, his suggestion is a positive one. That being, having the content reflect the first word in the title area is better for search engine/user needs (as the title of the page is what the link title within search results is).

The threads have this order, some other areas do, so this should be spread about as standard.
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No need for an ACP option, but generally speaking I agree with the suggestion. It's better to have the more specific data in front, if only because it's easier to identify your tabs when you have many of them open (in my personal opinion).

Yeah, you agree but you forgot :P
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