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  1. The simple answers? There is no purpose and there is functionality. This seems to be yet another of the "I re-coded it because I can" changes foisted upon the customers. But for every customer who voices their dissatisfaction about purposeless changes, we have Brandon to remind us we are wrong.
  2. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner! Blair, my biggest fear is that no one at IPS has a good understanding of what long tail results actually are. (And just about now, 'long tail results' is becoming one of Google's most popular search terms. :wink: ) I don't mean to take anything away from any of the IPS coders, please understand. But coding a forum is one thing. Coding an SEO application is something quite different. I am employed by one of the fastest-growing and highest-recommended SEO companies in the business, but I wouldn't know where to start, when it comes to coding a forum or
  3. Matt, it sure looks like a lot of love and a lot of hate are being expressed. I used to get wound up when I was having to take a lot of static over various things. An old friend taught me a lesson he had learned as a radio operator on a B-17, during WWII - the flak is always the worst when you're directly over the target. Perhaps that will allow you to find a bit of breathing room in all this. I've been doing a lot of testing with 3.2 and must admit I'm really impressed. Earlier today, I told a friend that we humans are resistant to change, by our very nature. But it seems as if 3.2 has
  4. Susan would be his significant other.
  5. That's a screenshot from the Spider Logs, not from IP.SEO.
  6. In all fairness, I think all of the devs have had an eye on SEO all along. IPB seems to do a pretty good job on its own, straight out of the tin.
  7. Matt, I respect that it would take a lot of effort to add a tagging feature to the core. But I have also seen positive results from using tags on that other forum platform. It's one of those things that doesn't present itself as a deal-breaker, but I think it could prove to be a big plus. Then again, the thought of going back and tagging thousands of threads doesn't sound very appealing. :)
  8. Dan, I appreciate your reply. And again, I do appreciate IPS is moving forward with trying to optimize the software even more. Yes, it would be convenient to have a report available in Search Activity, so the information would all be located in one place. Again, it's a convenience issue more than anything else. (read: I'm lazy.) It would be nice to be able to create a custom rewrite rule for pages and add-on scripts that are not currently rewritten, in case the admin wants to see that page indexed. Like I mentioned earlier, when I can be sure I have eliminated file extensions from
  9. OK, Charles, remember you did ask for some suggestions. 1. I would like to see a report page to show when each sitemap was generated and how many URLs were included. 2. I would like to see a report to show when the sitemaps are accessed and by what user agent. 3. I would like to see a simple means to insert Google Analytics code into each page, without the need of an add-on. 4. I would like to see FURLs become user definable. What if someone wants underscores for separators, rather than hyphens? What if I want my forum URLs to appear as domain.com/f12/? What if I want my topic URLs to a
  10. Well as long as we are wishing, I second Shaun's suggestion in the OP about a kinder, gentler Article system. I'm trusting something is being worked out to make Content fill that request. I'm also sure it takes time to put something like that together, but I'm really hoping for sooner rather than later. Yesterday I added my support to another topic, asking for a better way to import user agent data. That would really be great for people setting up new sites. I've also asked for a better integration between the ACP and the upgrade script. Opening multiple tabs for the ACP and upgrade sc
  11. Dan, do you really find PR to be that important in this instance? The reason I ask is that after over 6 years of operating forums of all different flavors, I've yet to see PR have spit to do with any kind of traffic. I've seen as much (and sometimes even more) traffic on my sites with lower PR. I concentrate on building traffic to my sites. Traffic is what produces revenue. I look at what my sites are earning and let PR fall where it may. I have one site that has been as high as PR4 and fell clear back to PR0, but didn't lose an ounce of traffic or a dime of revenue. If memory serves,
  12. I'm hoping this is still something being considered. I'm currently setting up a new site and suddenly remembered how long it takes to populate the user agent list. Being able to upload an .xml file with the competitor's software takes seconds to do.
  13. Incredibly cavalier reply there, Brandon. IPS doesn't advertise? How many IPB admins feel the copyright removal is too dearly priced and subsequently have a backlink to the IPS site, on every blinkin' page of their own sites? G'wan, tell me again how IPS doesn't advertise. I suspect if we all had so many backlinks out there, our search engine traffic would be just as fine.
  14. This may seem picayune to some, but I would really like to see a link back to the Admin CP from the install/upgrade script. I suppose having links back to IPS could come in handy for me, some day. But having an Admin CP link would be handy, every time I upgrade. Yes, I fully admit to being lazy. <shrug>
  15. I just grabbed a fresh 3.1.3 download and uploaded those files. Your app is working, once again! Thanks for the help.
  16. Agreed. If there is a maintenance upgrade with bug fixes, I upgrade as soon as possible. It can be a pain with some modifications, to be sure. But every time I have problems with a modification, it firms my resolve to eliminate the mods from my sites. The more I can get back to the core IPS products, the fewer problems upgrades will present.
  17. I don't know if the new hooks functionality might be causing the issue, but I'm getting the following errors after upgrading to IP.Board 3.1.3 - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/******/public_html/hooks/customSidebarBlocksHook_0cafb6139f866f59fdf2780d7f7bd07a.php on line 33 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/******/public_html/hooks/customSidebarBlocksHook_0cafb6139f866f59fdf2780d7f7bd07a.php:33) in /home/******/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 109 Warning:
  18. Precisely what I hoped I would be hearing and thank you for posting it. I enjoy IPB for the simple reason it is IPB, and not an imitation of anything else. And look at all the features and functions IPB introduced before others caught on. IPB's coders are innovators and not imitators. I think it is just easy for we customers to get spoiled and fall into a 'what have you done for me lately' mindset, particularly when we see someone offering something different. (Bearing in mind that different doesn't necessarily mean better.) Looking back at what IPB had to offer one year ago, I think we
  19. Speaking entirely for myself, I am really hoping to see the IPB devs continuing to move forward with what they have been doing all along and not trying to make IPB look/act/feel like xenForo or any other forum package. Bells and whistles do not equal innovation. If I wanted xenForo, I would purchase xenForo. The fact remains, IPB does what I want and the sneak peeks we occasionally get of what the devs are working on have me even more enthused about the future. If you listen closely to how Matt describes the reasons for coding the IPB Suite as it has been, it's easy to get excited. I ho
  20. Everything is looking great! Can I start pestering you about when I can have a copy, or should I wait a bit?
  21. Charles asked me once to be sure to contact him if I ever saw anything wrong with how IPS treats me as a customer. He's still waiting. I recently had someone associated with another forum script call me an IPB fanboy, because I always speak so positively about IPS. I guess if being honest makes me a fanboy, I need to get used to the moniker. The people that make up IPS are worth every dime of the license costs. And the software that comes along with the package is nothing short of incredible. We gripe when people give us poor service or poor products. So I always like to remind the pe
  22. Alfa1, it's difficult for someone coming from vBulletin and the tons of mods at .org to see the modding community art IPB. It seems as if IPB is somehow light years behind vB, because the number of mods is tiny by comparison. That thought would also be erroneous. When you can see beyond what you think is a shortcoming, you realize the need for a lot of mods just doesn't exist. IPB's native code already offers a lot of features and functions you would have to mod vB to accomplish. Speaking only for myself, that is one of the IPB features I really like. I don't have to add this plugin or
  23. Dan, these may seem to be small points to some, but I'm confident they will prove to be much, much more than that. Just the 404 correction is a great addition. Thanks!
  24. Mike54

    Member Map

    PM sent. Thanks!
  25. Mike54

    Member Map

    OK, here's one for you - I uploaded the files, installed the application, set the permissions and inserted the Google API key. I can view the Map page and I see this - I am thinking I'm mere minutes away from success, so I entered my location and I see this - The map is gone. So, I figure maybe it doesn't want to show me my own location, so I logged in with a second admin account and I see the very same thing. So I add the second admin location in a different location and it then indicates 2 users are shown, but there is still no map. I figured I missed a step, so I went back
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