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  1. Congrats IPS staff. I know how amazing it feels to finally push through the final barrier separating development from production and the cautiously optimistic excitement that comes with it. Keep up the awesome work. Hope you're all doing well. It's been a while.
  2. No kidding. My inbox was flooded this morning :-p Took it as a sign that I should finally check out IPB/S4
  3. Best to open a support ticket and ask. I wouldn't put that "really bad english" past a server admin creating a notification script. It's really not "really bad english" either -- maybe a bit too blunt and pretty useless in terms of what you can do.
  4. Either remove them or make them context sensitive. For example, if you click on help from the registration page it displays the help article on registering or if you click on help from the post screen it displays the article on posting a topic.
  5. Great idea, but it boils down to another excuse for me to not get any work done by reading all of the responses LOL
  6. I think I've made one of these posts before, but I felt another was appropriate with 3.2 now released. IP.Links was one of the (if not the) first 3rd party application released for IPB 3.0 utilizing not only the new application structure at the time, but also all of the various extensions available to add on applications. It was incredibly easy to integrate my application with IPB3 using these extensions making it feel like it was part of the core product. Fast forward to today with the release of 3.2, and while I haven't been near as quick to adopt the new features as I was with IPB 3.0, it has been equally as easy to do so. So far I have implemented the "Like" system (note the reputation was already implemented in previous versions), following content, and tagging. Even though there wasn't any documentation (that I could find), I was able to quickly integrate those features by simply looking at the forums application. I look forward to tackling notifications within the next couple days, and from a first glance it seems it too is just a matter of implementing a file and a few lines of code here and there. Point being, you guys introduced a great framework in IPB3 for modification authors, made only better by the fact that not only do your own 3rd party applications make use of it, but core functionality like the forums do too.
  7. Most (probably 95%+) of the work in updating Links Directory to 3.2 was with the skin. It was well worth it though, as I now have the various goodies you mentioned at my fingertips. The same goes for some of the framework additions; working on the new version of Links Directory has allowed me to see how easy it is to add new app functionality such as the follow system.
  8. The mobile skin is designed to provide efficient use for its users. It is intentionally designed to be minimal to provide quick and easy navigation of your community. While IPS might consider it in the future, IMO a mobile skin is not intended to be used as a moderation or administration tool. I suggest you click the "Full Version" link available at the bottom of the mobile skin if you're determined to use those features.
  9. When you view a member's profile you can go through a short list of their submitted topics, posts, and other content. If you want to see all of the member's content you can click on the "Find content" button. Currently, this button defaults to the member's topics & posts no matter what tab you're on. I think this should be content type sensitive, meaning if I'm viewing a member's recent Gallery images on their profile and click Find content it should default to the Gallery content type.
  10. Space used would be greatly reduced by only keeping the relevant changed information. If a post is modified to make a spelling correction then it is not necessary to store to nearly identical copies of the post, just the original post and the information needed to know what modifications were made to it (position & what text was removed, position & what text was added).
  11. Yes! Where the left gradient of the logo image does not blend into the header background, like the right side does. IPB 3.2 is a great achievement no doubt. I just have issues :frantics:
  12. Yes. I've tried to ignore it. But, I'm weird.
  13. From what I've seen, I love IPB 3.2. Keep up the amazing work :-)
  14. I'm thinking/hoping it was left in by mistake -- it's pretty funny from my perspective but I can see how it could be offensive. IPS has a lot of humorous but appropriate error messages -- this one on the other hand could be considered a bit blunt and isn't helpful at all.
  15. IP.Links / Links Directory Update: http://topic.to/linksdirectory

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Clickfinity


      Brandon, are you still developing Links Directory?

    3. rastaX


      That link and, it would seem, all others relating to the links directory are dead. Any word on the status of this project would be greatly appreciated by those of us using it. ;)


    4. The Nomad

      The Nomad

      Just installed your links on two of my sites, they are first class and I'm sure along with many others would love to see this extended to 3.2 (per-lease)

  16. Yes, IP.Links was recently dissolved as part of a change IPS initiated. It's now Links Directory and solely developed by myself. I have been out of the picture for the past few months because of work, college and my girlfriend. However, I have a month off before next semester starts so I'm hoping to pump out a major update in that time. For more information, including a place to post suggestions/feedback and get support, see this forum I just threw up. It will be the place to go for news/suggestions/support for Links Directory from this point forward.
  17. [quote name='AtariAge' date='28 September 2010 - 11:52 AM'] Looks great, thanks for the video! Sure would be nice to have that "quick reply" functionality where the page is not reloaded in the forums as well. The new favorites business is quite interesting--are you shooting to include that in IP.Board and Blogs for 3.2 as well? ..Al He mentioned it'll replace watched content in 3.2. Not too sure if I like that concept but look forward to see how it's implemented. I may want notifications on a topic that I most definitely wouldn't want to call one of my "favorites" and have my members see that. Otherwise everything is looking great with the new Gallery :-) @Matt: System Prefs -> Sound -> Input -> Jack up your Input Volume please :P
  18. [edit] Nevermind, crafty hackers could still exploit PHP to get around my suggestions, rather pointless now >_<
  19. While I don't really think status update in the mobile skin is necessary, not doing it because it's in the mobile app isn't really the best reason IMO. I imagine a significantly less portion of mobile users will be using the app compared to those who access it via their mobile browser.
  20. Doesn't recaptcha have an option to have the characters read off to you?
  21. +1 to bulk archiving. That's pretty much the entire point of it in the first place.
  22. Nice enhancements. Quick question: why isn't it feasible to export to text, since that's pretty much what you're doing when you send it as an email? I ask because archiving messages is usually done in order to free up space for new messages and going through each conversation to send myself an email would be a PITA.
  23. IP.Links really isn't an affiliates system. It supports it on some level, yes, and you could even do what you're wanting with a custom template hook, but its original purpose was never geared towards fulfilling an affiliates system. That said, enhancements to that area are included on the road map for the next major release.
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