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Download: Classifieds System For IPB 3

Amged Osman

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File Name: Classifieds System For IPB 3
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 19 Feb 2010
File Updated: 23 Feb 2010
File Category: Applications

Features List
Categories + Sub categories
TWO Layouts to display Home Categories (Forum Like ) or ( List style )
Featured Classifieds
Rating system
Feedback system integrated to IPB Reputation System
Using IPB's Search Functions and System
Using Report Functions in IPB
Category Subscriptions (Watched Contents)
Classifieds Subscriptions (Watched Contents)
Random Classified
Category List Small Sidebar Box
Complete FURL
Permissions Per Category
Permissions Per Groups
Limit Groups to add certain amount of Classifieds
Google Maps for Locating Sellers
Submitting YouTube Videos to a Classified
Add Unlimited Images to a Classified
Share on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious.
Built-in Comments system
Re-Listing (if Classified Time is Over) Ability
Manually Add the Classified Winner / Buyer
Send PM notifications
Members Get to choose Which contact method they prefer (Email or PM)
5 Options when submitting a Classified Price
Regular Price Example $50 USD || Looking For || Free || Please Contact || Trade Only
Announcing System
LIVE count down ( how much longer does a classified have) in Days || Mins || Hrs || Secs
Set Max time a classified can have Per Category
Custom Fields Per Category
IPB Marking Plug-in (Mark as Read)
Complete Moderating Abilities
Classifieds RSS

Demo: IPBEgypt Classifieds System

The system has "ONE" Encoded file

You must provide your website link so we can generate that encoded file for you!

This system will work on ONE domain only!

Click here to download this file

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I just removed a boatload of posts from this topic. That discussion was ridiculous, guys. This topic is for support of the mod listed in the first post. If you don't agree with any aspect of this mod, then move along, this is not the place to whine about stuff you don't approve of with this mod. If it happens again, warnings and suspensions will be issued. Stop acting like children.

The next time you see issues like this, report the post. I can't believe how long this went on without someone reporting it. Thank you to the member who did.

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This may be a silly question but how do I get the 'Latest Classifieds' box to show on my sidebar? I have heaps of other things (unrelated to classifieds) but not this. Ideally I would like to show it on the classifieds pages as well as on the portal. I see the hook in my admin CP. Is there something I have to do with it?

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Ok, I'm starting to think it isn't me.

Where or how does one search in the classifieds?

I have tested it both on my site and here and it just doesn't appear to search the classifieds!

I would really appreciate some support for this paid component... the blurb says "Using IPB's Search Functions and System" but I'm not so sure. I'd appreciate an explanation of how or where the search function is.

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Is this available for v3.2.1 yet?
And can the Classified be displayed on the Portal Index, Forum Index, Topic View and Topics themselves?
OR can the Classifieds be displayed across either the Top or Bottom of the Forums, much like a Google Ad Sense type thing?

Thanks in advance, it sounds just like what I'm looking for!

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I have not test it yet, but I cant see any reason why it wont work!

Application is great, but there are some bugs
Users (members without rights for moderation) can not delete their own ads, they also can not add new pictures
may be this is only on my board, but i tried to do so on demo site and had the same errors

There is also one question about "Ended" ads: if i have limit 10 ads for one member, after ad has become Ended, it should not count in that 10 ads, so member can add one more ad.

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