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    Just checking if the zip file above is cool to install or if I need the original files first? This sounds perfect for what I need, IF and a VERY BIG IF it is secure from outsiders eyes :) Pls lemme know!
  2. Bump! Would like to see this released as it fixes many of the bug my board has been experiencing... it's end of the month time :)
  3. Can someone please bump the topic starter :) Would appreciate an answer on this!
  4. I'm trying to uninstall this... I was able to delete 2 hooks from the Manage Hooks page in my Admin CP. But the main hook for this Mod won't uninstall, and is giving a database error message. I get the same error message when I try to Uninstall this mod from the 'Manage Applications & Modules' page. Help please?
  5. Hey guys, Everytime I choose this application from my Admin CP, it just times out... I've never even gotten a screen with results It's very frustrating, especially at the moment when I know I've got a group of about 100 members who are creating multiple accounts, simply to cause trouble. Does anyone know of anything else that is viable as an option, at this point I'd even be prepared to pay for something that was reliable and worked.
  6. is confused why his PM's keep going up...

  7. Is this available for v3.2.1 yet? And can the Classified be displayed on the Portal Index, Forum Index, Topic View and Topics themselves? OR can the Classifieds be displayed across either the Top or Bottom of the Forums, much like a Google Ad Sense type thing? Thanks in advance, it sounds just like what I'm looking for!
  8. Does this work on v3.2.1 yet? Thanks in advance!
  9. Can you please confirm this works for v3.2.1? Thank you.
  10. Is this available for v3.2.1 please?
  11. Yes, I's like to use this with v3.2.1 if possible :)
  12. Well I think it's working? Until I get an Error Report I guess we won't know? But it would be good if it could cross reference all the Member IP's from joining to show multiples NOW rather than when they login. I've got over 40,000 members and currently have a got a group of about 30 or 40 who are trying to play the multiple account game... Any advice on how to stop them would be appreciated.... PM me if you'd prefer!
  13. Ah, I've just found the update :) Let's see how it goes this time...
  14. I'm getting the same error... is this compatible with 3.1.2?
  15. Is waiting for someone to update his software PLEASE! :)

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