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    Apllication is not working. Empty emails if you choose hot topics, and random topics if you choose newest topics type newsletter.
  1. One of the required fields in my community - City. I can search by City in member's searh tab, but how to filter by City in Bulk Mail, or mb how to add people from one City to one group? Please help! If it is possible
  2. The problem was not in converting, but in Nginx (fastcgi) cache. Everything is fine and working now.
  3. I've upgraded to PHP 7.2 with all required exenstions before upgrading forum. Wordpress is working without any problems on the same server.
  4. After upgrading to latest version of ipb, it runs only admin login, but admin and forum are empty pages. I've checked ips4.php, and got an error: Some or all of the columns in your database are not using the utf8_unicode_ci collation (ibf_blog_headers.header_image is utf8_general_ci). Trying to convert base, but it gives an error Error: Unknown column 'blog_view_level' in 'ibf_blog_blogs' File: /system/Db/Db.php Line: 198 In DB, there is no such a column: blog_view_level no clue what to do next..
    This is the best way to force guests to register, thank you!
    Could be good plugin, but it's not hiding topics from "Who we are" plugin, which is highly requested by my users on forum.
  5. Classifieds plugin is messed up, Tapatalk is not working, Likes are not visible. So there are lot of things to correct.
  6. Hi, i'm looking for good classifieds system on my Forum. And one of the main features should be possibility to give all my users 5 constant free adverts (with renew, user can delete one and publish another one) plus several commercial packages of 10-15-50 etc. adverts for money, which can be paid by Paypal. Does the Classifieds system support this feature?
  7. Missed some upgrades, and now i have this error. 5.6.33 is newer then 5.1.3 and even 5.6.2, isn't it? 1C287/2 You are running PHP version 5.6.33-0ubuntu0.14.04.1. You need PHP 5.1.3 or above (5.6.2 or above recommended). You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.
  8. I have an issue with the latest 1.0.7 version of plugin. Ordinary users can see hidden topics in the left column.
  9. Proccessor load with upgrade is down almost twice, so the speed is much better, then with previous versions. But this version is nightmare with errors.. I couldn't install 1.4.4 because there some errors, while completing mysql commands. worked 24 hours and now main page is not working, getting error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  10. I thought the same yesterday, now i've got error on main page..
  11. Same problem with EX30. Everything was allright since upgrade i made yesterday. Now there is an error. Main page shows EX30 error, other pages and activity stream work well. I turned off cache but it doesn't help. Cleaning cache doesn't help. Please help, what should i do. I run forum with a lot of people. New upgrades are bringing more and more trouble! My forum link soundex.ru
  12. As i have written upper, you should check in Admin panel Forums Catergories. If they are marked as "Discussions", change to "Categories". This will help.
  13. This topic helped https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/422324-some-forums-not-coming-up-in-activity-stream/ After upgrading from version 3.x to 4.x some of Categories were transformed to Discussions. After changing them back to Categories Activity stream begin to work normally and catch all new posts.
  14. Same here, no more "new posts" from previous version, activity stream is not working
  15. I don't think it will help. I can't see all posts and topics in All streams, where they should be by default.
  16. What exactly did you change in your settings?
  17. Changing types of cache (mysql or files; memcached, acp) doesn't effect, problem still exists - not every post or topic is showing in activity stream (in all streams)
  18. Hi, i have installed plugin Who we are, and it shows all topics with new posts. But in Activity stream i can see only half of new posts, dated 1 hour ago or later. What can i do to make Activity stream to show every new post? Can it be the issue of memcached?
    "Who we are" is one of the must have plugins on the IPB community. I had some troubles before – plugin didn't recognize users, but when development team changed, new team fixed plugin for me. So i and my users are happy with "who we are" plugin now! 5 stars for new team and plugin
  19. ​Same for me, tracking is automatically disabled for all users when i try to see logs in few hours.
  20. Great application, most welcomed by users of my forum. Can it be installed to work not only on index page but globally on all forum's pages? It will reveal a new space for ad banner under the hook.
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