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  1. Previously, I had been able to edit my language files so that the email notifying a member of a PM did not contain the entire message. Can anyone help me with how to do that now? I've spent all morning on it and still can't figure it out. Many communities share sensitive and personal information so this needs to be taken into consideration as an option. I have been into the New private message notification setting and found the HTML and Plain text email template but am at a loss as to how to exclude only the PM content.
  2. Coming back to say how I fixed it. There was absolutely no difference between members, it was random. I went in to those member accounts, including my own, and clicked to moderate all posts then saved it. Then, I went back in, and de-selected it and saved it again. It fixed it. Weird, but it worked. I just hope it doesn't happen with too many members once I open the site.
  3. I think I've done something stupid but cannot remember what I did. I put my community site offline. But I still have people trying to login and I have some moderators logging in who are trying to learn the new system. So I put everyone, including myself, onto moderated posts/moderated content. And now I want to go live and I can't figure out what I did. I want to un-moderate everyone! Any ideas for this severely caffeine deprived mad woman?
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    Great plugin! I uninstalled the version I had been using for the last 12 months. I installed the latest version of it on my IP.Board 3.4.1. But now, whenever me or rmy staff try to post we get a popup box saying incorrect_use. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks you very much for this info! VERY helpful indeed :) Much appreciated.
  7. I recently upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.3. I have the default skin and one from skinbox. I am also using the Classifieds app, IPDownloads and Nexus. The menu appears to be working fine everywhere, even with the skinbox theme EXCEPT when in my PM inbox or Private Messages. The PM page is not formatting or picking up on the styling. So I was hunting through the earlier version topic thread and found some words of advice there. I then disabled minify in the ACP and all seems to be fine with both skins. Is this all I have to do? Any other tips or ideas gratefully received. :)
  8. Great plugin, by the looks of it. Is this compatible with 3.3?
  9. I'm currently using this on 3.1.2 but need to know if it is compatible with 3.1.4. Please.
  10. I converted from Joomla (Kunena --> VB --> IPB) and somehow in the process I have lost or deleted the profile fields for website URL, AIM, Skype, etc. Can anyone tell me how I might go about either 1) restoring them or 2) making some new ones?
  11. Just wondering if this mod is working as intended?
  12. Ok, I'm starting to think it isn't me. Where or how does one search in the classifieds? I have tested it both on my site and here and it just doesn't appear to search the classifieds! I would really appreciate some support for this paid component... the blurb says "Using IPB's Search Functions and System" but I'm not so sure. I'd appreciate an explanation of how or where the search function is.
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