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Why optimization does not exist on invision for members?

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Looking around for optimization tips a user thought that i was use vbulletin and send me this:

Are you running a vBulletin forum?

If yes, then head to their support forum and file an optimization request under server configuration section (only available to members).

Why such service for members doesn't exist for invision?

Is the only minus for invision support in my opinion.

Ok i understand that invision do that on the servers that they sell but i think must do it for all.

Thank you
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Server optimisation isn't a part of the vBulletin service though George (eva2k) is pretty reliable at helping there.

Please note that we offer this forum and some help with server configuration and optimization issues as a courtesy, but optimizing servers is not really a part of vBulletin support. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

If you need more immediate help, you should consider asking your host or hiring someone to do this for you.

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