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  1. Licence Issue

    No it wasn't lifetime. I need to be renewed every six month or so.
  2. Licence Issue

    this was the offer - "2) We are offering either $25 off a standard license (was $149.99), or $25 off our full special offer (was $299 for Board, Blog, Gallery, Downloads and IP.Content)" Does it state anywhere that If I do not renew I'll loose my licence ?
  3. Licence Issue

    The support should know about the promotional under which the customer has purchased, no ?
  4. Licence Issue

    here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  5. Licence Issue

    Check the screenshot of Invoice in post #8 (It clearly says community suit) Check the email I quoted from IPB in post#4 from IPB before I made the purchase. Who here other than Lindy believes community suit doesn't include blog and gallery ? Back in 2009 when my account was active I used to download blog and gallery from client area.
  6. Licence Issue

    Well any desire to port over from vb is gone now. Lindy Throgmartin, who I am conversing with in ticket is apparently from the management team. She has decided that Community Suit does never included blog and gallery. So what now ?
  7. Licence Issue

    By posting in 'Company Feedback' forum. this is me escalating the issue. The invoice is still showing in account, I don't get why this confusion and why I have to run around in circles.
  8. Licence Issue

    Thanks Aiwa, But If support doesn't 'support' what else could I do. My transaction says 'Community suit', Shouldn't it be clear that suit includes board, gallery and blog ?
  9. Licence Issue

    For sure I'd renew first. The main issue is blog and gallery are not there to renew. According to support I never had them Check below emal in response to my presale query, I paid 275$ for full 'special' offer.
  10. Licence Issue

    Way back in 2009, not happy with the direction vbulletin was headed I invested in IPB so that someday I could port from vb3 to IPB. I paid for 'IP.Board Copyright Footer Removal , IP.Downloads , IP.Board: Community Suite , IP.Content'' Now I am considering to make the switch. Yesterday when I logged into my account I couldn't see my purchases So opened up a ticket.(877972) Now the issue. Board, Downloads and content has been added back but not the gallery and blog. According to IPB support I have forfeited gallery and blog for some reason. Also all other purchases are showing as 'Inactive' unless I renew I can't even use the versions I paid for.
  11. This link should help http://forums.codersrefuge.com/tutorials/article/41-show-user-agent-in-online-list/
  12. Password Protected RSS Export

    I'd rather have an option to limit the characters for each article in the feed to prevent forum leeching via RSS. VB admins have been demanding this for years now !
  13. It will be quite useful for small communities or forum that are just starting.
  14. (DB30) Google SiteMap Generator

    Thank You ! I was using some old version. After upgrading everything works fine.