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It's easy to lose 'friends'


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If I choose to managed friends so that I want to approve everybody, I never get an indcator that there is a queue. So people who want to be friends think I'm just ignoring them?

In the member drop-down beneath where currently say "Messenger (X new)", it would be good if it said "Manage Friends (Y pending)" or something like that.

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I always get emailed when someone requests I become their friend, don't you?

Well that's a very good point. I don't seem to have been getting emails no, even though I have set it so that I should. I don't seem to get them for comments either.

But on the other hand, I have also set it so that I get emails when people send me Personal Messages. And even though I DO get these emails, when I visit the board, I get additional visual indicators (without visiting my profile), which I don't for Friends (at all), but I do for comments (but only if I look at my own profile).

It's just not consistent...
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