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Chat Room Server?


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When I attempt to start chat, I get this message, "Service Temporaraly unavailabe. PLease again in a few minutes". Is this because I have left the Chat Room Server field empty? If so, where do I get that information? What do I put in there?


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You are trying to use parachat or addonchat. You should submit a ticket for technical support for either of those applications.

addonchat. There is no easy answer for this? Not to mention, I read ther is no ticket help for this addon. Also, I just tried to submit a ticket and they seem to be having issues ontheir site as well....

Thanks agian,
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If you are attempting to use the IP.Chat beta and are having this problem, then likely the old application was not uninstalled. Make sure you uninstall the old chat application before installing IP.Chat, as the installation instructions direct.

If you are attempting to use Parachat or AddonChat and are having this problem, you may contact technical support for assistance, as the is irrelevant to the IP.Chat beta.

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Kilch, I had that exact same problem when I tried to use Para/Addon/can't remember which. Everytime I went to the chatroom it kept saying it was unavailable. I disabled it and used the IP Shoutbox instead. I recommend switching to IP Chat, it actually works.

Thanks Power, I am trying to do this and I am having troubles with as well. Keeps telling to keep refreshing when I try to uninstall. Something wrong with the sql.

Here is the exact quote:

MySiteName.com Driver Error

There appears to be an error with the database

If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.

You can try to refresh the page by clicking [u]here[/u]

Just seems I cannot win. I am trying to install IP Chat and need to get past this (from what I understand).

When I upload the IP Chat, I cannot see where I install it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply.
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This thread might help ya. [img]

[/img] [url="


This worked, here is what needs to be done:

So, you added the column that was missing, then tried to remove the chat application, and it removed the column but then told you the column was missing? If that's the case, try this.

1) Don't re-add the column (make sure it's gone)

2) Via FTP delete admin\applications_addon\ips\chat\setup\versions\install\sql\chat_mysql_tables.php and admin\applications_addon\ips\chat\setup\versions\install\sql\chat_mysql_uninstall.php

3) Try to remove the application again

Happy chatting!
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