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[Suggestion] Admin remove reputation


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In the APC we have the option to change a users reputation and can view reputations received and given.
I would like the option to remove reps when viewing reputations received / given.

add: maybe also add and option of how many times a user can vote. Think might help stop users trying to abuse the system.

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There is an option that allows for defining how many times a user can vote, it is a per group setting though (ACP > Members > Member Groups > Manage User Groups > Global tab).

Removing reputation is not possible as far as I know, you can only adjust it... That's a shame indeed ;)

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[quote name='China J' date='10 January 2010 - 01:59 PM' timestamp='1263131978' post='1897550']
What would be nice is to option to disable members repping themselves. Meaning they are not allowed to give reps to themselves. I thought this would have been a obvious setting but un able to find.

There is a default setting for this.

Login in to the ACP and then go to System Settings->Members->Reputation System.

Find the following setting:-

Allow users to give themselves rep?

Set that to no.

That will disable members being able to rep themselves.


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