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  1. First question, do you have posts within those forums on moderation or not? If you do, then I will need to release a fix to the hook because it is not taking into account moderation posts. cap
  2. It should post the first 140 characters or the first sentence which ever is the shortest. If nothing is getting posted to twitter, have you tried enabling the error log. To see if there is any errors being returned from twitter? cap
  3. File Name: caps Twitter Notification File Submitter: capbiker File Submitted: 01 May 2010 File Updated: 09 May 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will enable you to automatically post a notification to Twitter with the first sentence or the first 140 characters which ever is the shortest. It will also provided a bit.ly link back to the topic in the notification. You are also able to select forums for the topic notifications to go from. For a working demo, please visit my website www.invisiondreams.com and also my twitter www.twitter.com/invisiondreams. As you can see new topi
  4. It's already done as the latest version is 1.0.1 and should have this feature already added to it. cap
  5. Oh I never know about the #show_groups# thing before. I am in the progress of updating this hook to use Michael's suggestion for selection member groups easier. cap
  6. File Name: Hidden Profile Views File Submitter: capbiker File Submitted: 09 Feb 2010 File Updated: 09 Feb 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will enable you to select which member groups can view user's profiles while not appearing on Latest Visitors list. V1.0.1 is a simple update from a suggestion from Michael. Within the settings page for this hook you can select the multiple member groups from a menu by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the required member groups. This will make it a lot more easier to update as required. Click here to download this file
  7. Matt I have sent you a PM about this with an edited version of the hook to help me to hopefully diagnosed the problems that you are. I have just read the edited part, and somebody else today as reported the same thing and sent them the same edited version of the hook. Hopefully with two different boards it will help me work out where the problems are and correct it. cap
  8. All payments are checked to make sure that everything is above board and legal. Because it is the weekend it could take a little bit more longer to be done then during the week. Once the payment as been verified as ok you will receive an email letting you know it's been process and then you will be able to download IPB from the client center. cap
  9. What is the database error you are getting? Also what version of 3.0.X are you using? cap
  10. File Name: (caps) Email Post Notification File Submitter: capbiker File Submitted: 20 Jan 2010 File Updated: 29 Jan 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will enable you to decide on which members on your board will be able to receive emails about new topics being created and new replies to topics. You can select which forums you get these messages from. With in the emails as default you will receive a notification telling you the posters name and IP address, the topic title, the forum where the topic/post is located and the actual content of the post and a direct link for you
  11. You will not get your money back due to the agreement of which you signed up to. And all the agreements is pretty much the same in all parts of the world, but is slightly worded differently. The main points on why you will not get the money back from Paypal is the following:-
  12. I don't think the original poster would get the refund from paypal, I have seen loads of instances where because the goods that was brought was intangible (i.e virtual and not physical) then they would side on the sellers of the compliant. IPS can very easily argue and even post a link to this thread as evidence showing that the OP downloaded the product and was in receipt of goods before changing there mind, so they will side on IPS and not the OP. The best option would be to get a credit note of which is being offered. cap
  13. You actually don't get a pop up saying thanks. All this hook does is on the redirection screen instead of having the message "your log in as been successful". You can make a more personally message on there. Something like Welcome Back {Member's name}. I have also done one for the log out screen too, so when the user signs out you can have a message saying sorry you are leaving, "Hope to see you soon {Member's name}. I know a number of users wanted this from that topic that Alexj said about, so I just created a basic hook for them to let them add it to the board. But with anything it
  14. There is a default setting for this. Login in to the ACP and then go to System Settings->Members->Reputation System. Find the following setting:- Allow users to give themselves rep? Set that to no. That will disable members being able to rep themselves. cap
  15. File Name: Personal Access Redirect Screens File Submitter: capbiker File Submitted: 09 Jan 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will enable you to have a personal message directed towards the user on the redirection screen when they first log in or log out of the website and also have either their username's or display name's at the end of the personal message. There is also a process bar available for the log in and log out screens. Click here to download this file
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