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  1. Ahh I see! I originally assumed that IPS only supported their software when run on ideal conditions in which case would be an apache webserver. Alright than thanks for the information!
  2. To: The IPS Team Is there any possibility for IPB4 to officially support Nginx along with Apache. Nginx, as of todays standards, is a very popular web server along with apache because of its scalability with multiple concurrent users. The nature of a forum based software/suite is to be used in an active community setting where there most certainly will be many users at a time active on it. I personally switched to nginx because of the low latency and reduction of RAM use I got after several tests. We would all appreciate it with this next major release of the IPB Suite Software to officially come with support to the Nginx Webserver. I'm sure the community as an entirety would also appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Any chance of changing your icon set for this theme to incorporate Font Awesome Icons? http://fontawesome.io/icons/ They look pretty nice!
  4. Just asking... Did you get any time to work on this yet?
  5. Sure take your time. Would just like this to be added on! - Thanks again for the support!
  6. Also another few suggestions I would like to be added as a part of this theme. Things just to make it a little more customizable. - Ability to change Hero Panel Member Message - Statistics on the bottom to be centered option? - Option for breadcrumb removal at the top? - Option to randomize Hero Panel for added effect I really like the idea of version control. That will definitely have a huge added benefit for theme users like me to see changes and decide to upgrade or not... Hopefully IPS4 beta comes out soon :)
  7. Did as you recommended and it seems indeed that everything is working like a charm on the test theme!! Is there anyway you could possibly offer a replacement file instead of a straight up upgrade so at least some of my CSS remains intact? Once again thanks for the support!
  8. Would you mind updating the modification with the following options? Whether to highlight selected bar Toggle various aspects of the module itself like Forum Section, Time, Name Option to bold/indicate which posts are unread I know this can all manually be done by editing the template, but when i update my theme (today), custom changes I make are lost! Any Help?
  9. Arghh... Updating this removed most of any of my custom css and layout changes. I luckily saved a copy of them just incase something like this would happen. Is there anyway, if I revert the theme back to my saved version, you could manually tell me what to change in said templates? Also many of your supposed changes did not work as previously noted: My website As you can see: the forum description is way off when i hover over it... the profile customizations are still not working for me...
  10. Just checked my website. Profile Customizations still don't show up...
  11. Also... Thanks for including the PSD's. Thats pretty nice!
  12. Well i am pretty sure i mentioned a lot of suggestions/bugs in this thread, but as a starting point. Id go with the user custom background picture not appearing in their user profile...
  13. Any update on when you plan to release a new update for your Haze theme?
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