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Portal "Latest Discussions" block not showing Guest name


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I've just noticed something. In the block on the portal page called "Latest Discussions". If it displays a post by made by a Guest from a forum board that allows guests posts. It doesn't display the name used by the guest. On the forum "Recently Added Topics" block though it does no problem.

Take a look at the screen-shot below, I've highlighted it in yellow.

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Most forums don't allow guests to post so it isn't an issue.

If you have IP Content then you can create your Recent Topics block. With that you can exclude forums that recent topics get pulled from. Using that you could only pull topics from forums where guests can't post.


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[quote name='bfarber' date='05 November 2009 - 05:58 PM' timestamp='1257443883' post='1875967']
Did you find a bug in IP.Board?

If you believe you've found a bug please post it to the bug tracker.

Be sure to post bugs in the bug tracker. That's where we work from while correcting issues for upcoming releases.

I did, I added it here a few days ago after starting this thread first. http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-19470-portal-latest-discussions-block-not-showing-guest-name/

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