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  1. Confusing and crazy. It's being talked about on WoltLab and XenForo. On WoltLab they are saying you have to add you Name and Address on the privacy policy page as well. Lol, guess you could do that really. Make them pay to remove their account. Ha! Good one, call it admin fees.
  2. I cannot see anything in my setting on this forum, not in my profile in the client area that lets me change my forum URL. Then offers me a new key to use.
  3. I have a problem, in my client area my IB Board key shows as inactive because the path it uses for forum location is in a sub-folder called: /forum But I've moved my forum to the root directory instead now. How to I change the IB Board path that license shows in client area. Because it shows as: (domain.com/forum). But my forum is now installed in the Root (domain.com) only
  4. I just have done now, I wasn't going to at first because someone above reported this also. But I just went ahead and put a ticket in anyway.
  5. Having same issue, I'm using IPB 3.0.5 And I cannot get a Key to be shown to me for IPChat (free 4 people room) option. I've tried everything, removing forum key from board, then putting it back. Requesting a new IPChat key, re-associating it with my Board License (everything) But I just see the option to request new key all the time. With nothing generated if I click it. I've always had by board license key in place anyway after first setting it up. It's the first thing I enter
  6. It appears it has nothing to do with what word I type in, your obviously having a problem with the sphinx search full stop
  7. In the search box here, type in: font-size You'll get this error: Warning: require(sphinxapi.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/classes/search/engines/sphinx.php on line 86 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'sphinxapi.php' (include_path='/home/forumsi/public_html/ips_kernel/twitter/') in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/classes/search/engines/sphinx.php on line 86
  8. Stop spamming Floris Website Ryan

  9. I must admit, I also was a little curious why the thread ID number is located in front, rather than at the end of the thread like you say. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/topic-name-here-12345
  10. [quote name='Matt' date='05 January 2010 - 06:35 PM'] We definitely want to add tagging in, it's been much discussed among us. However, IP.Board 3.1 is a chance to refine some of the core features based on the feedback of the community. Such as the hooks system, the search interface, master skins, etc. These are all things that we must address in the core before adding new core features. Adding tagging app-wide is no light undertaking. It will affect many different areas of the board and we want to ensure that we add an efficient and robust solution. In short, we hear you loud and clear but let us clear up some other must-have issues first. :) Spot on MATT, and I'm glad to see that kind of mentality taking place here. Things in the CORE should be either improved first or fixed (if need be). Before anything else should be added, which with it might bring it's own set of issues to add to the ones not already fixed first. I also hear you guys are working with a SEO specialist to make IPB3 as SEO Friendly as possible. That's very good to know indeed.
  11. No :hmm: What that would do is subscribe every member into getting an email for every single new thread started "that they've not even posted in, or started themselves". They would hang me if I did that!!! :no: Let's say you join my forum right, and you make a new thread then leave. Then I make a reply back to that thread later. You will not get sent an email to let you know I made a reply to it. Why? Because after you joined you didn't go into your email settings in your profile and set-up the setting to be notified by email (instantly) on all Threads you start, or Posts you reply too. Because by default that setting is setup after registration for you not too be subsricbed in getting emails sent from the board on threads started, or any posts you reply too. :cat:
  12. It's not admin emails I mean, I mean when a person registers by default when they make a post or start a new thread. They don't get subscribed to that thread (getting an email) if a person replies to them. To get them they have to go into their Profile settings and setting their emails settings to get instant email notifications on all threads and posts they start or reply back too. What you've posted above (I could be wrong). Looks like setting members up to get Admin emails sent from the board.
  13. If you would Yes, I did a search here and and saw a few people asking about this also. No answer though! I would still like by default to have this set to on. As it's hard enough getting new members as it is, but even worse after they join and post if they get no email sent on replies to come back again. As 99.9% of new members don't set this feature on after they first join.So they never know if a person replied unless they come back and find their thread again.Really there should be a setting to do this in the admin cp like vBulletin has that I used to use. It's a real MUST HAVE to help your forum get more busy.
  14. Is there a setting so after a new member joins your forum, by default his profile settings are set to receive email notifications on threads he starts, or replies too as default setting already set?
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