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Clean Cut

Keven Fox

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Don't recall seeing any topics, but if I missed one forgive me.

I was messing around, saw the skin called "Clean Cut" so I figured I'd try it.

Hey it's pretty nice! I like both skins so I'll probably go back and forth, but wanted to say great job IPS!

Thanks guys (and gals)!

Michael (Keven)

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[quote name='Jean' date='08 August 2009 - 11:30 AM' timestamp='1249745414' post='1840528']
* Is the clean cut is going to be available for us? The skin is awesome and I really loved it...

It is supposed to be included in the official IP.Board download at some point (as what was part of the grand prize for winning the contest). However, before releasing it for good, I rather hope they fix the member bar/search bar. It just adds another bar pointlessly giving a lot of open space to the logo.

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Am I the only one that thinks Clean Cut looks half finished?
The blue and black don't go well at all! The dark areas of Clean Cut and the black buttons are great, but contrast far too much with the light and blue areas.

I was hoping for a long time that IPS would include a second darker default skin with the IPB3 board to go with darker themed websites. I recall this was originally the plan, to sensibly include both light and dark default skins but somewhere along the road the idea got dropped.

If Clean Cut was a darker skin, it would be great for my site which is predominately black and I'm sure many others, full credit where its due to the author but at the moment it offers nothing really different from the default skin to make it at all worthwhile.

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