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ACP Screenshots

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I was wondering if any of the admins, maybe could take a screen shot of the changed parts of the ACP or a give us a general view of what they look like, so we users can get a view? I know the beta is comming out Friday, but screen shots of the ACP would be nice if maybe someone could post or link us to them. Thanks. :)

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Somewhat? lol

That shot is really out of date. Thats just 2.1 skinned, thats it. Only a few new features.

Look at the bug reports list, there are some screenies in there.

No, that is 2.2, but I believe that screenshot is rather outdated, as Keith said.

Also, search around Matt's Blog (may not be any fairly new ones on his blog) and the Bug Reports (you'll find some in the Bug Tracker for sure) and you may find some updated screenshots (you'll know it's a fairly new screenshot if it has the 'Help & Support' tab on it) of it. :)
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