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  1. Scary to think I've worked with this software for four years...

    1. ᴡᴅツ


      You mean IPB? That's something to be happy about :)

  2. Sounds cool, although not liking the words "tightly controlled". :P
  3. Please clarify in your template what 6 past due is... seconds, days, weeks, years, ect. ;)
  4. .Ryan

    Way to not be a good citizen and vote your your fellow man :P Hows life going?

  5. Haha. Thanks Ryan.

  6. Well happy birthday!

  7. Hurry and get forumize up and running, ^_^

  8. Nice skin on your site, looks a lot more "clean" then the previous one!

  9. Awesome, although its still 1 file edit :P ...had we excited for a second haha.
  10. @your post about TurXaliM... that had me rolling :P

  11. So with the new setup I can add attritutes for it do display as a lightbox. And great idea for the single tag (whatever its called), would help out a ton.
  12. .Ryan

    Thats a classic image Tony haha.

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