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  1. I did not have this issue in 4.4.8, but do have it in 4.4.9. Perhaps first test this in your own 4.4.9 app? Or I can post screen shots here. Not sure why a ticket matters. Screen shots: 1) Me saving the article to appear at 11:30 AM tomorrow...I click "SAVE": 2) Me re-opening the same article after step 1 above...note the time is changed to 3:30 AM:
  2. After recently upgrading recently from 4.4.8 to 4.4.9 I noticed an issue with the article publish date using GMT time (8 hours later than Pacific time where I am). If I set the article to publish tomorrow at 11:30 AM and save it, then look at the article the publish time changes to 3:30 AM. I must set it to 7:30 PM to make it publish at 11:30 AM. This happen in the ACP...I've not tested the front end. I've tried logging out and back in, clearing cookies, and using a different browser, but it still happens. My server's time is set correctly.
  3. I think the pagination tags are now fixed, but those pages still are not in your site maps. They are in my custom maps. Here is my Pages custom map which shows all pages in my categories: https://www.celiac.com/sitemap_cmscategories_pages.php and here is my forum map that does the same: https://www.celiac.com/sitemap_pages.php I lost track of Google's blog post which basically said that if you want specific URLs indexed and in their search engine, just put them in your site map. Another way of looking at this is that if they are not in your sitemap Google might not think they are important enough for their search engine. Certainly with their now huge focus on "crawl budget," why would they waste their resources by indexing and crawling pages that you don't think are important enough to put into your site map?
  4. It is certainly possible that the full category maps, with ALL pages are having a bigger impact than the posts map, but I've seen only positive results after implementing both. Perhaps someone can explain why the extra pages in a category are not in a sitemap, and why that's a good idea (it is where all of the canonical links reside)?
  5. You can take it or leave it...my site did not begin any type of recovery until I implemented these custom sitemaps, which I make no money from--I was the client who paid a consultant to make them:
  6. PS - The forum's category pages, beyond the initial category page, are also not in the sitemap in both the forums and pages apps, and we've also created site maps to include all pages, for example /page/2/, /page/3/, /page/4/.
  7. I wanted to post an updated on my custom posts sitemap, as there are various opinions here about whether or not it can help or hurt an IPS site. In my case I have nearly 1M posts, and none of their URL's were in the sitemap directly. Now, it appears that google has indeed indexed nearly all of them, and I do not see any issue regarding the canonical links for them on the forum category pages. Currently I see zero errors, and now only 71.5K are excluded, and zero are listed in the "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" line. Also, my site traffic has been slowly recovering...in the last 30 days I've seen a 17% increase over the prior 30 days. So far I have seen nothing negative about using it, and I've been running it for 6 months now. During the time I've been running it I've seen slow and steady improvement in my page rank, and more importantly, the number of key words in google's index for my site has increased dramatically (it hit an all-time low around 6 months ago--coincidence?).
  8. I may have posted this too soon...today I saw the first drop just after I posted this. I will update this if the issues doesn't resolve:
  9. I'm not sure you read the part about my archiving over 60% of my site...but I am seeing a big increase in search clicks and organic traffic lately, so including them does not seem to be hurting in any way, and could be helping. I would like to hear input on whether or not archived posts should be excluded from the sitemap. I understand the idea of not allowing users to reply to very old content, but I'm not sure removing them from the sitemap is helpful...it might cause issues.
  10. My active has gone down during this time, but I have also archived ~60% of my older forum content during this time, so this content is no longer in my sitemap. So you need to actually combine two charts to get the bigger picture. Chart 1 shows a drop of 19,625 in the Submitted and indexed, which looks really bad, however, Chart 2 shows in increase of Indexed, not submitted in sitemap during this time. Overall, I don't see a big change in the total number of links indexed, it has been at ~75 - 80K for a long time, but I am seeing an increase in organic traffic over the last 3 months of around 16%. I am wondering if it makes sense to exclude archived posts from the sitemap. There is probably a good argument to keep them in. Chart 1: Chart 2:
  11. I am not seeing a rise in "Alternate page with proper canonical tag" and in fact, am seeing a decrease from 60,927 to 54,105, or 11% over the time period shown (Chart 1). Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user is also dropping (Chart 2). Chart 1: Chart 2:
  12. I am now running the latest version, 4.4.7, and none of the categories in Pages are eligible for rich text results. When will you get this fixed??
  13. I wanted to follow up with something interesting. As you may recall I had some custom sitemaps developed which include a map to every post made, and a map for all comments. After submitting the maps I saw the "Discovered - currently not indexed" shoot up to ~923K, and it just stayed there for months. Most of the URL's there were the individual post links. Last month I saw a big change--a fast drop in Discovered - currently not indexed, as you can see below. It dropped to 320K. As this started happening I also saw my organic traffic, and the number of key words indexed increase.
  14. The nofollow system is not flexible, and needs to update with the changing times. For example, in my Pages articles I need to be able to use rel="external" (follow) because I cite articles often as sources, and they deserve a follow for that, while in the forum I now need to use the rel="external ugc" tag (yes, there are new tags now from google). In one of my categories where I do product reviews, I must use rel="sponsored external." Currently the ONLY way I can do this is using MySQL queries to make the changes, as IPB has only one setting. My hope here is that you read google's new post on this and update your system to offer more flexibility: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2019/09/evolving-nofollow-new-ways-to-identify.html
  15. Is there a way to make the number of views show on the article's page?
  16. You probably can't help, but the exact same issue is happening with a similar board function here: https://www.celiac.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=ajax&do=topContributors&time=year&limit=5&orientation=horizontal https://www.celiac.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=ajax&do=topContributors&time=month&limit=5&orientation=horizontal
  17. Problem solved! Thank you! 😁
  18. Thank you for this, as your solution did remove the duplicate meta tags. I did try adding to the Meta tags editor various entries try to customize the meta tag but this failed: top-posters-plus/all/5/vertical/* It would be nice to make it work in the meta tags editor at some point.
  19. I am seeing duplicate content error for all of the links in this app. This is caused by the app pulling the index pages meta tags and using them instead of having their own meta tags, or instead of inserting something like "Top Posters - " at the start of the title tag. I am hoping for a quick fix for this issue. Examples: https://www.celiac.com/index.php?app=jimmotoppostersplus&module=ajax&controller=ajax&do=topposters&time=all&limit=5&orientation=vertical&groupWhere= https://www.celiac.com/index.php?app=jimmotoppostersplus&module=ajax&controller=ajax&do=topposters&time=month&limit=5&orientation=vertical&groupWhere= and compare to the meta tags on my index page: https://www.celiac.com/
  20. I think I posted this before, but if anyone is interested in running SuperGrid with LazyLoad I'd be happy to share the code.
  21. We've fixed this issue, which also existed in the posts sitemap...now all is fine, thank you!
  22. Thanks for noticing this, we'll look into it and get this updated.
  23. I've also added @DawPi's new article comment sitemap: https://www.celiac.com/sitemap_comments.php Unless I've missed something I believe I now have ALL content in my site mapped in agonizing detail! 😅
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