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  1. I checked all group permissions, including administrator, and all of them have "can mark items" and "can unmark items" unchecked. It seems to hide these options from showing next to the "Manage" and "Report" buttons on the item pages, but we still see "Mark Item" on the top right above the item pages under the "Unread Content" and "Mark site read" links. I tested it on the default theme and I'm using 4.4.2.
  2. Yup, I double-checked. Are those settings so they can mark other people's items or only their own?
  3. This may be a silly question, but what does Marking an item do? Even more strange is that I have "Can Mark" turned off in the permissions, yet my members keep asking what it does, so apparently they still see the option. Am I missing something?
  4. @Fosters Something else that would be nice is having the ability to set a default setting for all members. IE if you wanted to set it that by default all member profiles are set to Member View Only etc. My member don't like that profiles are viewable without logging in.
  5. Any chance this could be brought back? The ignore function is lacking for some of my members and this would help in some ways.
  6. I have members asking for an easy way to filter by members in a topic, so, it would be nice at least in my case. ^^
  7. Another quick question, are you able to click on the users to see all their replies in the topic?
  8. I must be an idiot or something didn't install right. >< I don't see any area for settings for this app. I only have: MEMBERS SOCIAL INFO Social Sites Social Icons Nevermind, I found it. >< For anyone else like me, it is on the top right of the Social Sites page.
  9. In the permissions tab under settings I have added my moderator group to the "who can manage" selector, but my moderators do not have the option "New Slider" in their create new item menu. Is there another setting somewhere that I missed so they can see this and add slides? Also a feature request would be a shuffle toggle so the slides can be in a random order each page load. ^^
  10. Love the app, but I have a question. I have setup 3 sections for my fields that show up as tabs on the item page, which works great. The only issue is that when you fill out an item form or edit one, all the fields are placed in one long page with no distinction which section (tab) they are from. Is there a way to add the field sections (tab names) on the item form so a user can tell which tab the fields are for?
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