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  1. GabijaCiju

    4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API

    The endpoints that I could really use for our community: Endpoint for getting image thumbnails, not just the images themselves. Endpoint for getting gallery image list from one specifiec category.
  2. Would love to be able to get the link to a database record's thumbnail via the REST api. Right now I can only get the original image.
  3. GabijaCiju

    Babble: Real Time Chat

    Hi! I'm thinking of purchasing this. How many people can it host at the same time? Sometimes we have up to 200 people talking at the same time.
  4. GabijaCiju

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Yes please! Would love to have this!
  5. And +1 from me. I would also love to have a way to create a discount coupon just for the subscritions (or only for one of the subscriptions!). That's something we use a lot and if I cannot discount the subscriptions without discounting all other products then I cannot use the new subscription set up...
  6. GabijaCiju

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Question about coupons - say I wanna have a coupon only for the subscriptions and not for any other products. Can I set that somehow? I could not find that possibility at the moment. Or... a coupon only for one of the subscriptions?