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  1. Thank you! I was able to catch the new group ID.
  2. What is a hook to catch when a Member is changing groups? \IPS\Member has set_member_group_id( $value ), but I need to know what group they are changing from and what the new group is. In the "Recent Activity" I have logs like "Expiring purchase "X" changed group from "Y" to"Z"." - I need to hook into this moment. How?
  3. Hey everyone! I need to generate an invoice with a subscription product. This creates everything just fine for any product, but never adds the renewals part. I can see there is a separate $recurrings variable on the checkoutAndPay page. Should I populate that somehow? A bit lost how renewals work. $invoice_new = new \IPS\nexus\Invoice; $invoice_new->member = \IPS\nexus\Customer::loggedIn(); $invoice_new->currency = "USD"; $package = \IPS\nexus\Package::load( 1 ); $item = $package->createItemForCart( $package->price() ); $invoice_new->addItem( $item ); $invoice_new->save(); I'm using a regular product that renews, not the subscription module because I need to be able to use discount coupons for certain subscriptions, and those don't exist for the subscription module, only regular products.
  4. Hey there! I need to add an order bump to the final checkout process page (where the user enters payment info). (What is an order bump?) Basically, a button that edits the invoice currently displayed to add/remove a product. I can find a method "acpAddToInvoice", but that's for the admin side. Is there a method to edit the invoice? Or should I perhaps just alter the database record of the invoice and reload the page? Anyone encountered editing an invoice from the user side? Ty!
  5. It doesn't seem that way... The PayPal documentation doesn't require it, but on Invision it's still required to have a billing address for PayPal billing agreements.
  6. I remember there was some progress bar once a user registered... To set up the user photo, etc. What is that called? I cannot find it for the life of me. Onboarding? Set Up? Profile Configuration? Profile Progress? I want to see if I can modify it now that I can make use of it. Thanks!
  7. That explains the free trial + Paypal not being an option. Good catch, thanks!
  8. Figured something out! -IF there is NO FREE TRIAL all payment options are available. - IF there IS A FREE TRIAL, only the card option is available. PayPal and Account Credit aren't options for checkout. This is both for subscriptions and regular products with renewals. Also: If the user isn't registered and there IS A FREE TRIAL, the subscription checkout also requires a billing address, First name and Last name. Otherwise, in my case, the product has that disabled, and I'd like to not have it for subscriptions with trials too... Seeing as subscriptions are a newer addition to Invision, maybe not all things have been worked out yet 🤔 The FREE TRIAL thing seems to trow it off somehow. Can I report this somewhere? Has anyone else experienced it?
  9. Is there a way to enable PayPal payments for subscriptions? Do I need to do something special for that? I have PayPal for my regular products, and it works superbly there.
  10. Hi! Instead of having all of the steps to checkout, we need ONE page. What's on the page: - Everything that's on the LAST page of checkout now ("Confirm & Pay" page) plus: - Enter email and name (this is for creating an account) - Optional: we'd also like an upsell checkmark. How it works: - The user is created using the Email and Name, without setting a password. The password is emailed to them to set (I know Invision has the capacity for this) Example: https://www.tealswan.net/24-meditations-order-a (disregard the design. But the functionality of this page is EXACTLY what we need) I already have code where "Add To Cart" is replaced by "BUY", like in an Amazon 1 step checkout. So it just redirects to a checkout process for that one item, which is what we want. Now we just need to refine the checkout.
  11. Yes. Let's say $20 every 2 weeks, or every month until $100 is reached.
  12. Dominyka

    Payment Plan

    Would love an option to have a payment plan for products. So just like now we have a subscription, just let the automatic billing stop after a set amount of billings.
  13. Any way to exclude Member status updates in the search? And member comments under posts? It reaaaaaally pollutes the search results, and drowns the database posts 😞
  14. You need to locate the template your database is using and remove the code that adds the date: {datetime="$row->_publishDate"} and then there is also the part that adds the stats: {{foreach $row->stats(TRUE) as $k => $v}} <li {{if \in_array( $k, $row->hotStats )}}class="ipsDataItem_stats_hot" data-text='{lang="hot_item"}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="hot_item_desc"}'{{endif}}> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_number'>{number="$v"}</span> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_type'>{lang="content_records_stat_{$k}" pluralize="$v"}</span> </li> {{endforeach}} I suggest creating a custom database template and editing that.
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