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  1. Would love an option to have a payment plan for products. So just like now we have a subscription, just let the automatic billing stop after a set amount of billings.
  2. Any way to exclude Member status updates in the search? And member comments under posts? It reaaaaaally pollutes the search results, and drowns the database posts 😞
  3. You need to locate the template your database is using and remove the code that adds the date: {datetime="$row->_publishDate"} and then there is also the part that adds the stats: {{foreach $row->stats(TRUE) as $k => $v}} <li {{if \in_array( $k, $row->hotStats )}}class="ipsDataItem_stats_hot" data-text='{lang="hot_item"}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="hot_item_desc"}'{{endif}}> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_number'>{number="$v"}</span> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_type'>{lang="content_records_stat_{$k}" pluralize="$v"}</span> </li> {{endforeach}} I suggest creating a custom database template and editing that.
  4. When is this available? 😄 I reaaaaaly need the subscription trial period feature haha
  5. Or alternatively - Create a new cart/invoice with TWO items on a click of a button. I know how to do that with one item, but any way to have a <form> that adds a second item too? I've tried working with associated items, but it seems they only work of the associated purchase is in the cart. Once it turns into an invoice it's not working.
  6. I need to add an upsell button to an invoice. When a person is in the invoice at https://tealswan.com/checkout/{invoiceID}/ i would like to add a button that adds an item to the invoice. I found this function, but I don't know how to generate the \Item. IPS\nexus\Invoice::addItem( \IPS\nexus\Invoice\Item $item, $cartKey = NULL ) To generate the Item I also need to generate a currency but if I do \IPS\nexus\Money::__construct ( $amount, $currency ) as $money = IPS\nexus\Money::__construct( 199, 'USD' ) it just shows error. Any place I can see some examples? Or someone can help?
  7. Oh my god I think I figured it out?? I might just find a way to actually make this Invision code actually work for myself 😄
  8. Any way to get the registration form? I've seen it on some Invision websites, but can't seem to figure out how to do it myself. I got the Sign In form to work via But the registration form requires parameters that I have no idea how to get. Any help?
  9. Yes, I installed it, with no success in what I'd like. However in the support topic I found it says it's not for commerce unfortunately - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/445224-mix-no-require-full-address-support-topic/
  10. Good idea. However this plugin does not work for commerce.
  11. We have found that it's a surprisingly big deterrant when you require billing info on checkout for digital products. Any way to disable it? I found this, but it's not available for download...
  12. BIG YES for all of this. BIG BIG BIG YES
  13. Got a custom plugin from DawPi 😍 Works like a charm!
  14. Delivered super fast and efficiently, excellent communication step by step. Will definitely contact again for future projects.
  15. Does anyone know if Invision Provide any (paid) options for custom coded solutions? There are several things with the check-out process in the store that we would love to make more marketing-friendly 🙂
  16. I would still want the thank you page. Basically I want to be able to track the one product. Regardless of what it's purchased with.
  17. When someone buys a product X in the store I want to be able to redirect them to a custom Thank You page. Is there any way that can be done? I'd like to set up a "thank you" page with some tracking, add a Facebook pixel, etc... And I need that for one specific product. And not the other products in the store. Any ideas?
  18. Ah! I was posting as admin and didn't realize it wasn't automatically enabled. You're a saviour, thanks!
  19. When I edit the HTML of the text I put into an editor it automatically removes all onClick functions. I have a script that I want to call using the function, is there anything I can do to make this go away? And have editor not remove my onClick in the html?
  20. Thanks! I got the app now. Didn't notice it was available there.
  21. When someone buys something on our website, I would like to send a follow up email about a week later. Is there an automated way to do this? Anyone have success with any plugin? In a past community we used to use this plugin, but it's now for some reason not available for purchase:
  22. Hi Community! I have something I'm working on and have been trying to find the best way to do it. So I'll give you what I need to do and maybe a second pair of eyes will come up with something I haven't thought of... I have a database of video entries. And separately - a list of categories. (They're not linked at the moment, the categories are just on paper, but the database already long time on the website). Each video needs to be categorized. However one video can belong to multiple categories. How would you do it? The options I came up with are - Have a separate database listing the categories as entries. And linking related videos to each category via the "Database Relationship" field. Using tags (this one I feel would be too annoying...) Just tagging the videos with the category names and creating separate pages for each tag/category and using a block widget to pull all of them to the page. What I think will suck is that in either way I cannot create pagination, so if one category has let's say 100 videos and I click on that category the page will be very expensive recource wise to load... Anyway, any ideas are welcome, I wanted to consult and maybe get a second opinion as I'm working on this alone 🙂
  23. Any way to clear the activity feed? I removed a few comments from a person but theystill appear in their activity feedon their profile page.
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