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  1. Currently we can “block” links (display as plain text) or have them sent for moderator review. I’d like to see an added option where the link is actually blocked/removed entirely from the content being posted, not just posted as plain text. Alternatively, instead of posting the link as plain text, we can set text to replace the link If there’s currently a plug-in/app that can do this, please let me know as this is desperately needed for us.
  2. Ahhh I feel like a dummy. I went through all the settings to make sure I wasn't missing it before I posted and I still did.
  3. Where is the setting to remove the icons from the usermenu?
  4. Oh my gosh, thank you for telling me!
  5. @Spanner I'm sad to see Invision still hasn't found a fix for the above yet. 😞 I'll keep checking periodically though. I did have a quick question. Is there a way a member can "pause/unpause" an offer without having to end it? A lot of our artists have a slot system, and when they get x many orders, they'd like a way to prevent people from purchasing the offer until their slots are empty. I did try to see if locking the offer would prevent users from being able to purchase it, but locking doesn't seem to do anything. Users were still able to checkout and purchase offers that were locked.
  6. Can this be moved to peer-to-peer tech support, please?
  7. yoursite.com/admin > log-in > system > support > choose "Something isn't working correctly" > continue Patch should pop up.
  8. They actually just released a patch to resolve this issue. You should run the support tool via the ACP and apply it.
  9. I know you guys have stated that you are interested in possibly providing white label services in the future. Would you guys have a ballpark of how much that kind of service would cost?
  10. There's currently only one built-in manual option in the Withdrawal settings. I'd like to see this expanded to at least 3 if possible. We no longer use the built-in PayPal option and instead created our own manual one for PayPal, but we'd like another manual option to add Stripe for people who live in countries that PayPal is not available. Thanks!
  11. Not the name of the app itself, unfortunately. Forums is /forums, even if you change /topic etc. I assumed he was talking about 3rd party apps, not core.
  12. You can usually do it via language strings and editing the friendly url associated with the app.
  13. I may have spoken too soon? I woke up and noticed we received a few errors in the system logs with info about our S3 storage when someone attempts to download a file they purchased in Downloads. I'm not sure what information should be censored within the error log, so I'll send it to you via PM for a peek. It may not be related and something I need to fix on my end, but I want to make sure.
  14. @All Astronauts I've upgraded to 4.5 and this plugin seems to be working without issue so far the past few days (at least I haven't noticed any errors or issues with our storage), but Invision throws an error about it being incompatible with 4.5 when you try to view it in the marketplace. Any chance for a quick look and possible update?
  15. Is there a way we can switch to PayPal's Payouts API to automatically send withdrawal requests without needing something custom made? In withdrawal settings, Invision forces you to use the legacy NVP/SOAP API integration which utilizes website masspay. It's 75% cheaper to send withdrawals via Payouts API (0.25c per US transaction) than the normal mass payout which is 2% capped at $1-$20+ depending on country.
  16. Awesome! Hopefully they can resolve that issue soon.
  17. Sorry for back to back posting. I’m using mobile app and it doesn’t let me edit posts. I’ve also discovered another issue. The seller of the offer only received $23.75 which is the base price minus the $1.25 it gave us. They didn’t receive any of the additional variant money.
  18. Blue is the base cost of offer. Green are the extra variants chosen by the buyer.
  19. Hey Spanner, just came across a critical issue. The commission and transaction fees are only taken from the base cost, not total cost. For example: We just sold an offer for a total $56.00; Base price was $25.00 and 3 variants were selected for additional costs totaling the $56.00. Since we have a 5% commission and $0.00 transaction fee, we should have received $2.80 from the total cost. Instead, it took 5% from the base price of $25.00 and gave us only $1.25.
  20. ahc


    Since Automation Rules is no longer available/the developer has abandoned it, is there another way to have awards automatically granted?
  21. There are a couple of trader sales apps on the marketplace that will allow you to do a good chunk of what you're asking with just a bit of personal customization to make it suit your specific needs. People have been asking for front-end commerce options for non-staff for years, but I don't think they're interested in it.
  22. I figured out what's causing it to break. Anytime I attempt to upgrade a plugin or application from the ACP marketplace, a technical error occurs and I can no longer access the ACP unless I run recovery mode again and go through all those steps to start back over. (Disabling all apps and plugins, uploading a fresh set of files, and renaming the constants file.) Me attempting to upgrade our theme via the ACP marketplace earlier today is what triggered this issue to begin with, so now I have a pattern.
  23. I have no clue, but changing the file name unlocked the ACP for me. I'm going to go in and uninstall everything the correct way and then only re-install anything that's compatible with 4.5.
  24. MY GUY!!!! (or gal) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I am knocking on wood that NOTHING else breaks until I figure out which 3rd party app/plugin caused all this MESS.
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