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  1. I dont know about yall.. but no matter how responsive a site is on mobile.. its laggy as hell trying to browse throught a lot of topics and stuff like that... and my big ol fingures hit like the wrong thread all the time... Now a app like tapatalk is awesome.. they have chat, and an easy interface to browse through the forums... I only wish they would develop some addons that are on the forum and the app.
  2. I want to buy this app.. Is this thing fixed or is there still bugs on here?
  3. Instead of having to upload a picture for each articles you write there should be an option to display first image in article in the articles database.
  4. So do you just add that example code in there? Or do u have to change it? like the part that says title
  5. Can you please tell me where that option is? I cant find in in the menu anywhere. Is it a template edit or somthing?
  6. I would say talk to cometchat... they have private pm and they have a chat room function all though there chatroom could be bigger.. but it works.. better than arrow chat.. which kept poping up random chat sessions.
  7. YEA!!! sombody fix his problem... dont let this go brad.. we pay good money for this product.. they should fix it.!!
  8. Yes I have and it just shows the link that's all. Actually it did work this time weird didn't work ealier... how do you add more embeds from different media places?
  9. I don't understand ... this forum cost more than every other forum.. xenforo has media embedding bb code on the forum... why can't I put youtube .. Facebook videos ect in forums?
  10. This is not working at all. I tried to select the user then I clicked on select all for anonymouse post.. and everytime I go in.. its unselcted again.. this doesnt work.
  11. Im trying to get like.. locations.. gender ect.. to show in the postbit under the avatar.
  12. they had this one mod on xenforo tjat posted group comments and stuff to a forum of your choosing.. that was good
  13. Can we get this to auto load and we could set the number of seconds it auto loads..? please?
  14. hey so if somnody posts in the topic it shows up in the article as a comment correct?
  15. I got this issue when i uploaded this.. 1S111/1 Duplicate column name 'whoweare_enable'
  16. I click on members and It asks the admins.. aswell.. I think what the guy above me said.
  17. yea but there should be a tracking cookie that can detect if the member or guest already saw this message.. so then it wont display it again it they clicked the x button... thats how the one on vb and xenforo works.
  18. Can you add an option where... If a member click the x it saves it in the cookies so it wont show it to them again.. unless i press the reset button?
  19. I used to use a plugin like this for xenforo.. and in that one there was an option to make it a full and a short.. like if you picked short version it would only show the name of the topic then the catagory its in and the author... and it would all be in one line.. so that it is nice and compact and you can add like five similar topics and it would still be yey high.. could you add that option please?
    Fantastic.. i been asking xenforo developers foe this mod for a while but they never listened... I love this addon! 100
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