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  1. your better off making a ticket. Nobody will answer your question here
  2. Has anybody had any RECENT luck trying to get the google maps api key to work? I had it working before but now.. i keep getting this error when i copy the key in That API key is not valid or does not have the Google Maps JavaScript API and/or Google Static Maps API enabled. Make sure you have followed all of the steps in the setup instructions. You may have to wait a few minutes after enabling the API for it to take effect.
  3. Thats what i thought so i was confused about why it even asks you to use the old one or the new one.. I hate options on upgrades that confuses me.
  4. yOUR quick .. i like you man.. no homo.. Can you update it for me cause i dont want to mess it up.. btw..w hen update it asks do you want the new or the old.. which one do you press?
  5. My man... The slider in the mobile view and regular view do not add up.. you remmeber i had to modify my slider image so my image starts right at the top of the image but then on mobile view it starts from the veryy verry top so now I have white spaces on the top area of the slider.
  6. the logo does not show up in mobile browser
  7. The margin of the forums is wrong.. its not centered anymore.
    Excellent theme! One of a kind and Unique.. I hope author makes more themes! Wish he would also add snow for december and pumkins for halloween.. like themes
  8. No time limit for listing like ebay.. where they can bid and who ever has the highest bid will win the buy?
  9. Would you be adding a bidding system like ebay?
  10. They need to put a big search bar on the top middle.. like google and also they need to be able to embed videos in there.. ips is the only gallery that i know of that you cant embed videos.
  11. just drag the video in the upload box.. its not like other sites.. it wont let you embed them
  12. Can members type in the refferers user name instead of the invitation code or does this only work with code?
  13. The mod by Mike John with the Thumbs UP rating he said he is going to update it to show the most thumb rated post in the future.. so be on the look out for that.
  14. All I was asking was if you guys needed help with moderating the market place and help take a little bit of load off of andyF thats all. That hurts.
  15. does tjis app now have support for commerce?
  16. If you guys dont have time to monitor all the reports in market place let me do it. I can respond within 24 hours. Where do I apply.
  17. is there a way to put all avail prefixes to each forum instead of going in one by one and putting them in there
  18. I just bought the commerce addon and i thought u install it like a plugin... i cant even find the indivisual file.. how do u install this when you already have a live site?
  19. I dont know what to say.. i need a filter that shows the most liked thread.
  20. give us somthing to use the points for... like name glow.. sticky topic... change color of thread... exchange points for real money via paypal ect.
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