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  1. @Ryan H.hi every prefix i put in i use caps and when i save it.. it turns into lower case.. it wont recognise the case format.. how do i fix this?
  2. earn credits for each post and refferals... can buy name glow, sticky topic.. ect... with credits
  3. For sure most core galleries have video embedding
  4. it works like 4chan..where if your reading a message and sombody replies you see it right away
  5. can you diable some emails and add some yourself?
  6. What in the world... This must be an error.. but ill make you an account.
  7. http://www.411.moe it only shows for admin right now.. If you make an account i ca give you perms
  8. Doesnt work.. it still keeps showing up
  9. Oh im sorry I didnt read or follow every devs preference of support. MY BAD... So saying please and thanks is not being kind?
  10. @onlyME Hey bim.. this is an emergency.. Can you please add a button.. so that when a user click on the image and they go to that page .. the popup wont show again?? for example.. I have a contest going on and i use the popup to show to all the members.. and when they click on the image.. it goes to that topic but when they get done reading it.. the pop up still shows on each page.. so I need it so when they click on the image.. it acts like the x button and once they read it.. the pop up wont show again unless i reset the cookies.. Please bim.. and thank you so much!!
  11. Im not attacking the dev community im simply standing up for whats right... If you pay for somthing.. I expect it to work.. do you not?
  12. Matterfact let me give you an good example.. look at this mod here Now if you read the bottom half of the app.. he wrote: Note: Know bug: the app works 100% if you add the POPUP TITLE and POPUP MESSAGE in all groups that you want it to be displayed. The app SETTINGS isn't working properly for now. It will be fixed and next days. Now... the last time it was updated was "january 31 2015" It is now 8/12/2016 ... 8 months so far.. and I guess in his world "It will be fixed next days" means If i did my calculations correctly "1 next days" equals 1 month so i guess 1 day = more or less 1 month ... LOL now to me.. that sound rediculous as heck or this guys straight up trolling... I even pm'ed this guy.. and he never answered back even though his attitude was uncustomer friendly and I was nice to him in the pm replies.
  13. Look at the custom mod paid requests.. Most don't even get answered at all. So thats invalid Well if you look at what we where talking about most need to catch up.. Theres alot of 3.4x mods that havent been transfered over to 4 yet.. Second just go through some of the mods.. easily you will find mods even in 4 that people posted bugs in there product.. (that was from 2015) and until now 2016 havent been answered... Now I dont know if they got solved over pm so thats why the dev didnt put the solution in the support topic.. but then I would find it weird because if there was a valid bug.. would the dev update the mod for everyone? So you would see a UPDATE of the mod after the date of the bug.. See what im saying here?
  14. IPS its self is a good forum compared to others.. I really like how they had a questions and answers forum... even though i dont use it that much... Thats what sold me.. Fixing bugs is priority... but.. features and mods could use a red bull. Releasing mods here sounds snaily to me. devs should be releasing mods every month atleast.
  15. @Chris RiddellSo I guess I couldnt suggest auto countdown and a link to the contentent?
  16. ill just wait... cause i dont like code editing manually.
  17. I just said you could check it for stability problems... so that doesn't make sense You the CEO.. but im just saying.. by not allowing the upload.. which would not affect and kind of performance to the site.. You lost me as a customer to the cloud... There are other people who would like ftp access so I figured I speak for everyone and say somthing about it thats all. But anyways.. thanks for the input. Sorry guys I tried.
  18. yea but atleast you guys should check the file out and if its not going to affect stability and security.. you should upload it for the customer... Cause just because you guys didnt upload it for me you lost me as acustomer for cloud services.
  19. why is the reason you dont allow uploads of anything? Yea ok.. you dont like freedom.. good for u buddy... anyways....
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