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  1. It will be extremely powerful if you can create a special title and description in meta tags for the direct links to the special post. I mean, when somebody links the somebody post like /topic/123-hello/?showComment=123456 in some messengers, social networks or inside another topic - it will be extremely good if we will see 'Nickname's answer in topic Hello' and description will be part of his post content. Now we see just the topic meta tags, not the linked post info.

  2. Two questions:

    1. Can you add an option to stop auto animating gifs? If somebody wants to see - he can click for watch it. Like videos.
    2. When you create an ability to load heavy content (images, gifs, etc) inside spoiler only after it opened? We still have users who have limited internet traffic. They very hate other people, who posted big pictures and those gifs. And they hate us because we didn't block autoloading heavy content inside spoilers.

    I think these two features are better than one more simple integration. Looks like a plugin, no more. I'm sorry. Just want to make attention to the more real communities pain connected to the current announcement.

  3. All of that is the cool features! Seriously. But all of them focused to improve user activity when he is 'one'. Actually, it's pretty good. But I want to choose another point of view - when forums/etc is the one side and the users are the opposite another side.

    In that case, users completely not enough options to make the connection between staff and them. I mean some options for filter activity stream authors by user group (to track staff posts, for example), abilities to moving inside a big topic (hundred pages) from first staff post to next, improved voting system for easier create simple public reports like charts, bars with/o showing voted members. Some simple survey system is a highly anticipated feature too. Scheduler for topic publication is very wanted feature too. Some parts for multilanguage forums - where users can set preferred languages in their profile and then filter content in discovery, widgets which they not understand.

    I think you understand what I mean. Maybe this requests is too far from this post. Sorry if this is so.


  4. Moreover, Anton can said to the post "I am Anton Popov from Leninskaya street, d. 16. Love cooking, my weigh is 80 kg, red eyes. I'm a christian, have a vegetovascular dystonia. Bisexual"

    Bertha quoted Anton.

    Certha copy-paste part of Anton's post directly.

    Dertha made a screenshot of Anton's post, save it to local computer. And after some time posted it. Don't care about behavior. But. Some time later Anton made a account removal request and his account and data deleted and anonimyzed. After that Dertha posted screenshot.

    I just want to say - you can't manage personal data information, stored as a part of content. If you try to do that - you can fail on the time, when someone post personal data after delete. So you (and moders) don't know anything about Anton, so you can't know about his previous delete. Of can? If can - you dont' clean up his ) Our lawyer get an answer for that question from our Controller. He said - content posted by users became a part of public domain. And for better understanding that we put the notify about that to top of all editors. May be that is too much for that. But we want to provide better service and undestanding to our users.

  5. Nice, but too late and not enough for all gdpr specific bussiness cases.

    For example, I can write little our experience. We have an external database service, external openid auth. (Our IPS is just a part of big services). So our users can request data export and send account removal request in their personal area on the external (if we watch from IPS point of view) site. If user ask for deletion our backend service send a message to rabbitmq special queue. This queue listen all our apps, which have internal user database. We provide "grace" period few days. We did it because we want to make user sure for his action (and he wouldn't hacked). It's ok by gdpr. In this grace period we anonimize it, block profiles, exclude from all searches and block all activity with them (like a ban functionality, but not it), change it's email field for block notifications, clear all stored sessions in devices. If user don't change his opinion in that grace period our service will send delete action/message to mq and all services start to do cleaning and anonymize tasks. For forum example it is: 1) we make new clean account with anonymized name and email; 2) merge this new account to the old (in this way we change posts author to the new anonymized account); 3) delete old account (and our internal apps which have special tables with additional member data do this clear by 'onDelete' action); 4) send to our service 'ok' state for requested action (if it dont' receive it - than it will periodically personally ask for doing that. and if service not provide good answer after some tries - notify our internal scheduled tech support).

    Our export doing by external service, which connected directly to DBs of a lot of registered as 'contain member data' services, get all data and notify about completed export process and ability to download export archive.

    So, 4.3.3 features are too late now for us (we can't update so fast, because 4.2->4.3 changes broke most of our apps, plugins and themes). May be after we update the core we may improve our integration system for use this created tools. But in fact current default IPS GDPR good only for very small communities with a few amount of additions, which can easy update.

    Anyway, thanks for you work.

  6. Very nice design. As see - it is beautiful and more useful. But, did you improve secondary groups field? Now this select box is very uneuseful. If you have a lot of groups then you have a pain with scroll this list. And selecting multi-groups (and unselect only one from list) with Ctrl - is not a modern solution for that.

  7. 7 hours ago, Mark said:

    Elasticsearch supports custom analyzers, but obviously combining the rules for multiple languages might produce some odd results.

    We have a plan to create a feature - give to user ability to set languages, which user can understand. If user set it - we will hide categories on other langs from him. So we'll have a language set for each category (and return lang icon near topic returns, in search, activity feed and etc..) and depend on that information - provide better analizer (or elastic instance) for any special content. Yes, it's pretty hard to do. But however it is possible. Of course, I'm not asking you to do something like that. But just keep it in mind - useful when developing classes and methods for potentially necessary developer hooks.

    Thank you for understanding. You do a good job :thumbsup:

  8. Any chance to change update method from that big updates to more frequent but lesser in features? I'm already see - i will need to get 4.3 and adopt our apps and plugins totally (some of them created from blank, as i did it when wants to update from 4.1.6 to 4.2). With lesser updates i can simply see changes and adopt current apps/plugins for support new little feature (such as member log, change oauth from our to internal your method and more more other things). With your BIG updates we can't controll all that. It is easier to upgrade app/plugin from scratch than to checks it and understand 'is that ok? and this? and this?'

  9. Thanks for you work IPS! You create very powerful, smart and modern systems!

    Our experience of spam blocking gave to us simple rule: spam result cost must be cheaper than working for bypass instruments, needed for start spamming. We have a different user database and registration, outside from framework. So most of systems we can't use. But our solution is simple too - users can start posting something in newbie support and offtopic forums only after obtain more than 10 battles from game. More popular and serious forum categories will open after 100+ game battles. This simple rules are very expensive for spammers for make a spam, which will delete after few minuts before posting (we have moderators, which are working by scheduled plan 24/7).

    So, i hope some framework systems (such as promotion) will be simplier for extend for make a custom logics. Custom logics with simple development provide very strong solution for clean up all same platforms from scripts at all and humans too (not to easy to register many accounts with different systems. a lot of service, which provide human captcha solver will be out of boat).

    And thanks again! :thumbsup:

  10. We use reactive + special moderator tools. This tool (created as application) add special button 'checked' for every post. It visible only for moderators (by their sections). Moders must read all content and set 'checked' on each of them. This tool make knowing what is already checked by other moderator and other moderator didn't need to re-read already checked content. So they have a special tab in moderate panel, named 'Unchecked content' which shows where (by topic) is most number of unchecked content (they see topic only from their sections). So it was extermely helpful for us for good content check experience. It our must have tool because if we skip something bad (for example, alcohol advert or terrorist's text) - we got a big problems from our police and other government sctructures. So we very accurate with that. And we can't use proactive method because we have a high speed discussions sometime (~5 posts per min - daily average, 60+ posts per min in some hot times - all graphs of that available in graphana).

    I can show closed demo of that system, if you think it interested to implement as part of the IPS reactive methods)

  11. Good news. But if we can set width/height settings of some embed items - it will be much better. Now when yser paste link to youtube - they will embeds as max as possible (or set to max width param setting from ACP). It's not good. If some people wants to create beautiful post - they want to manage this params. Now user can't do this (without source code editor).

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