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  1. I could have written this. My situation as well. Although my Board is monetized to the degree that it pays for itself: Cloud Plan, old archive from previous software, email etc., and provides a modest profit via donations, some ads, and fund raising activity. It could be fully monetized by an astute businessperson or someone more motivated by money and profit. With that said it will likely die with me or be put to rest when I have had enough. It has been clicking since 2002, and converting to IPS several years ago rejuvenated myself and Members, but it does have an expiration date. My Discussion Forum/Community is niche and not huge by most standards and is a reflection and an extension of myself. Ive always "designed" it as something I liked to belong to. It's longevity and relative success, is an indication enough others agree with the direction. I have only had temporary Moderators at times but basically admin and moderate solo. The community would probably resent and reject someone else taking over and changing it and commercializing it. That may be vanity and ego talking, I don't know. I can't imagine selling it or handing it over to anyone else while I am still alive. It's my baby and that would be very painful.
  2. Despite running an active niche Board for going on 17 years I remain a bit of a technophobe. I tend to put off any Upgrades/Updates be it on computers, smart phone or tablets, and also the Board Software. I suspect it's because I'm a bit long in the tooth and started out as a graphic designer working on a drafting table and building mechanicals by hand....before "desktop publishing" became a thing. I remember when the first Macs came out and then to market, and I bought the first Mac Classic home computer. I have ridden the rocky web/tech wave ever since. Way back then, any OS updates caused nothing but headaches, with incompatibilities with software and fonts etc. Technology has come a long ass way, but I am still flinchy. I also have a home office a bit off the grid in rural Maine, with ridiculously slow and unreliable broadband "high speed" internet. Max is 7 Mbps...not kidding. (Remarkably my IPS Board is still reasonably snappy) And the DSL internet pops on and off constantly. So I am reluctant to even perform the simplest Updates. Thats why I appreciate this IPS Software (That I converted to a couple years back) and especially the Support that is built into the Cloud Hosting. Although I don't utilize the vast array of functionality that comes with the IPS suite, the peace of mind is still worth the cost. So....this is just a shout out to the IPS Support team. Some of us Cloud customers aren't young or coders or even particularly web savvy. Thanks for the Support, and putting up with our demands and often stupid questions.
  3. Back in 2002 I had the "brilliant" idea to create an "Online Magazine" As a commercial artist/graphic designer I was discouraged with how poor layout and design was on the web back then. I wanted to create an Online presence that reflected the aesthetic of a glossy print magazine. But...this was well before Wordpress, Blog software etc was even available, and repopulating content using Dreamweaver was laborious and inefficient. I was on dial-up as well. Luckily on a whim, I uploaded Ikonboard BB software as part of the Online Magazine. The Board took off like a rocket. Boards/Discussion Forums were generally in their infancy and were the only social media, since Facebook, Twitter, etc hadn't been created yet, or hadn't taken hold. It was the Wild West on BB's back then and a learning curve. Eventually all my available time was taken up Managing/Moderating the Board so the magazine side collected dust. Believe it or not I stuck with Ikonboard until a few years ago. I may have been the last hold out. It was a nightmare and eventually that PERL based Software required a dedicated server at a huge monthly cost. I was pretty burnt out at that point and was contemplating calling it quits running a traditional Discussion Forum, especially since Facebook was drawing so many Members away. But my Members talked me into keeping it going. I researched all the free BB software and other monthly contract BB's including IPS. I loaded a few test versions and was happy and surprised that IPS was the only software that would and could do a complete Conversion of what was a 14 year old Ikonboard BB at the time. My Members helped with the Conversion costs and despite the usual headaches and adjustments, my Board has been IPS based for going on 3 years. This is outstanding Community Software and I still keep things very simple and only use whats native to the IPS Software. Converting to IPS saved my online community.
  4. Ive been "managing personalities" for a long while and can detect intellectual bullying and grammar policing when I see it. You've chosen not to digest, and then comprehend my entire diatribe concerning Member Numbers, which I will not repeat or summarize. I suggest Pruning inactive Memberships on whatever Board anyone owns. Maybe those who haven't signed-in for 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, whatever. That will give a more accurate assessment of how healthy a Board actually is. That purging process, although frightening, will be cathartic. Interesting discussion. I think I'm done. You may end up with the last word if you so choose.
  5. You like to argue. Good. This is a Bulletin Board after all. I stand by my statements.
  6. Not trying to get in a discussion forum ruckus or argue semantics. But let me try again; Many Boards boast Total Member Numbers that are disengenuous, and do not illustrate actual engaged Members. The vitality of a Board (and marketing appeal) is based on participating Members (and to some degree Guests/lurkers if not Bots and if a Board is Public) not dead wood that has left the Board for years, or Registered and never posted and disappeared. Happens all the time. I Converted from old antiquated Board Software to IPS a couple years ago. I had gotten in the habit of pruning Members for the reasons above, and also old Topics because of server/bandwidth quota issues. IPS doesn't seem to require this, thus laziness may not be an accurate statement with this software and may have been harsh.
  7. I've been running a niche Board for 16 years. I like a clean ship and have always pruned inactive Memberships. Generally removing them if not signed/logged in after 2 years. I Converted to IPS less than 2 years ago. I guess I need to check into any mass pruning functions. If I never Pruned I'd boast well over 10k Members. As is I have 3,392 Members. And it has 63,179 Topics and 1,128,165 Posts. The last seven days produced 214,318 page views. I typically have 60-110 Online Users at any one time. About 1/3 of those are Guests and Bots. Those numbers may seem small to some, but beat the hell out of my closest competition. Frankly maybe half the Members Post on a regular basis and 1/4 are devoted and loyal participating and donating Members. I agree with the Post above. Size really doesn't matter....What matters is how you stack up to the competition in your particular genre, and does the Board pay for itself plus. Mine is Donation based with a few ads and annual raffles. It's monetized to provide what would be considerred a modest part-time job income. Anyhow, I believe a load of Boards keep inflated Member numbers because the Admins are too lazy to prune or like those bogus numbers for marketing and bragging rights. I don't begrudge that, given it's not easy to own, administrate and moderate a relatively successful Board/Discussion Forum.
  8. I had brought this up before on this Community Board. Ad Glitch Topic Thought I had sent in a ticket, but just checked my client area and apparently didn't. I'll send one later. Thanks for the quick response.
  9. I noticed on Safari Browser on iPad or iPhone you still can't add a new Advertisement. When you click to upload an image, nothing happens except the page jogs down. No access to photo library etc. If memory serves me it will work in Firefox browser. But I don't like switching between the two because it gums up sign-in for a variety of websites etc. I would have thought this would have been fixed with all the new Updates. In this day and age many Board owners/Admins and Moderators work on tablets a good amount of the time, especially when on the road, in my case an iPad. Just sayin....
  10. To ISP Support/Staff: Since the last series of Updates I've noticed that: When you select all/copy any text, be it a Message or a Post or anything from the Board, whatever was in Bold or Bold Italic does not remain intact when Pasting that copy back into a text field. Regular and Italic stays intact but anything Bold does not.
  11. My 2 cents from a total Admin/Mod perspective. FWIW...In my experience running a Board for over 15 years is....that when a Member wants to Delete their account it is often a spur of the moment, emotional decision. Typically they are angry at another Member or something that was written on a Forum. (Of course there are other solid reasons) When contacted I tell them that I don't hold Members hostage, but to understand Deleting their account won't necessarily remove all their content, but they will be noted as a Guest on their Posts etc. I also ask if they would share the reason why, and if there is anything I can do to solve any problems. Sometimes they tell me the issue which I mitigate, some say to hold off for now, and some tell me to please Delete their Account. I then tell them I will do that as soon as I perform some Board Admin work. This creates a small window or grace period like a day or two. The vast majority of the Members who request to complete the Deletion of their account get back to me wanting to stay a Registered Member. They cool off and change their minds. Of course, that personal touch and some might argue manipulative moderator approach might not work in a huge online community or if there are a load of Delete account requests.
  12. I noticed that in the native Admin Advertisements area there are choices to view: Pending, Disabled, Enabled and All. Disabled shows all ads both enabled and disabled, just like All. I'm viewing on iPad. Nothing earth shattering but looks like a little bug.
  13. I've found that Members simply hate change, pretty much any change. Tell them Tapatalk was created for Boards that weren't mobile friendly, and that's no longer the case with most modern Board Software including IPB. They will adjust even if kicking and screaming.
  14. AdminCP>Registration...Validation for new accounts has 4 choices. I use 'email and administration validation'. That remained intact after the 4.2.3 Update.
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