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  1. Found it. It's in ACP -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags-> Edit -> Page Title
  2. Can someone please tell me where $title is set? I can't seem to find it in the ACP other then where it is displayed in the theme. <title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title> It is used in <head>
  3. Yes, thanks! I just discovered this when I went looking. The memcached.so module was listed twice. Once in my local php.ini and once in /usr/local/php73/etc/extensions.ini
  4. I started receiving this message repeatedly in php_errorlog ever since I enabled Memcache on my server and in ACP. Is there something I have done wrong? PHP Warning: Module 'memcached' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 constants.php has the following contents: \define( 'REDIS_ENABLED', false ); \define( 'STORE_METHOD', 'Database' ); \define( 'STORE_CONFIG', '[]' ); \define( 'CACHE_METHOD', 'Memcache' ); \define( 'CACHE_CONFIG', '{"servers":[" 20116"]}' ); \define( 'CACHE_PAGE_TIMEOUT', 30 ); \define( 'SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY', 'xxxxxxxx' );
  5. I will need this too and am happy to test it as well.
  6. It almost seems like a caching issue as the same ad code works fine on the main board index, but intermittently not on posts or forum indexes.
  7. The word "Advertisement" comes up under the box for the ad. It's showing up fine. I've opened a ticket with Google.
  8. My Adsense ads are intermittently not appearing. I have tried different browsers, cleared caches, used the default theme and still the Adsense ads sometimes do not appear. It seems particularly reproducible in a post vs. the board index. Examining the source in the browser indicates that the Adsense code is being served. Here's is an example of a page that has the problem. 3 Ads should appear on this page. Top header, After the post, Footer https://www.ibspatient.org/community/topic/28208-pubmed-what-impact-do-rome-iv-criteria-have-on-patients-with-ibs-in-china/ I am using vanilla Adsense code in Site Promotion -> Advertisements Has anybody experienced this behavior before?
  9. I received an email and an ACP notice this morning about v4.4.4 Joy Rex - yes, the Admin can receive notifications via the Notification Center in the ACP. I only knew that I wasn't receiving new registrations in v4.4.3 until they patched it in v4.4.4.
  10. I've confirmed that this problem was fixed in v4.4.4. Thanks.
  11. The problem has now been escalated to Level III support for investigation.
  12. Odd isn't it. I would think this is impacting more sites. 1st level support duplicated it and escalated to 2nd level support that hasn't resolved this yet.
  13. After upgrading to v4.4.3 from v4.4.1 I am no longer receiving email notifications for new registrations. I have confirmed the emails are being delivered for other notifications and tested email delivery. I have checked my settings in the Notification Settings. I am receiving the Notifications in the Administrator Notifications, just not the email. When I review the mail logs on the email server, an email delivery to the administrator does not appear to be listed; however an email entry to the new registrant is there. Is this a known problem?
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