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Entry Comments posted by Netherlord

  1. 10 hours ago, Cyrem said:

    Until they started adding all these colour and gender versions, I never once associated the emoji with an actual colour/gender representation, but now they've forced an association... does that mean I have to post the same emoji in 5 colours in both genders so that I don't offend some specific person who gets offended over a colour or gender of an emoji.

    Anyway, not that's its an IPS problem.

    Its the old, lets fight putting people in a box by making more boxes. Works every time... not.

    They've (not-ips) manipulated us all into a mindset I hate. What ever happened to the world we used to live in.

  2. 1 hour ago, erc said:

    Perhaps an effort to support unicode standard emojis that people are used to seeing on mobile devices / social networks.

    The unicode standard has 5 skin tone modifiers: Light, Medium-Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark.


    Yeah. It's ok to add it. I just have a personal issue with this whole thing with institutionalized formats being disseminated. I think highlighting a skin tone difference between people causes racism by making sure the gap between peoples is always visible.

    Alas this is a software forum and my opinion does not count on things like this nor would I expect it to :)

    I'm not mad or hating either. *shrugs*

  3. A suggestion!

    A lot of the time when we merge content. And people have linked to it in a topic it displays the generic user permissions error, Problem is this leads to A LOT of people crying that we deleted something and screams of censorship follow.

    Could we get a way to have it say a thread was merged with a link to the new thread in place of on-site embedded links for topic that have been merged? Instead of the generic permissions error? or would this be hard to do?

  4. Ok this seems like exactly what I wanted. Blown away. But also concerned about how many changes are coming now :o I have a lot of custom stuff hehe... this could take time....

    Shame I can not get wamp set up with ips... I fail every time.... bah something link me a way to set up a testing server / localhost with instructions if yall have one. Least then I might have a chance :thumbsup:

    Also you say:

    Of course, you can permit your members to change the view to better suit their way of working.

    So if I can permit then I can also choose not too right?

    MORE IMPORTANTLY! HOW WILL SELECTION BE DONE VIA MOBILE?? I would suggest if it is not this way already that the forum view show a dropdown above forums similar to when tabs are condensed? to give somewhat same functionality as sidebar to mobile?

    or is that too much?

  5. Not sure if you have this covered. But will mention it.

    Possibly a way to categorize clubs? Maybe tag them with a category club owner can set from a list admin creates. And then just add that to the sort by list type object?

    If this is done in a default way ignore me :D

  6. Thought this would suck. No way IPS could pull it off I thought as I read the title...Oh boy was I wrong! EXACTLY! what I was looking for!

    Can I assume we can disable locations on clubs? As that is something I don't want my users to be able to use.

  7. 13 hours ago, AtariAge said:

    Please read my first comment -- I hope Invision adds an Admin page that shows all devices being used with multiple accounts, as that'll be extremely useful.  Otherwise the only way you're going to see if someone is using multiple accounts on the same device is if you happen to look at their account in the admin panel for some reason.  


    Liked. Totally agree with every point!

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