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  1. Fixing it in next IPS update or current I think!
  2. Why does my site always seem to go down when IPS does? Iz it magik Is it the connection for license upgrades or something? Only seems to happen when you push out an update Or merely coincidence....
  3. I'm unable to save settings! re-install fixed it!
  4. Would it be worth asking your host to move you to a different server? with default config? Might rule out server configuration? but then that seems like a hassle if its not a fix Not sure what else. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  5. Nah... Just screen record the bug Problem solved!
  6. I would say server. Do you use cloudflare? Make sure it's all set up correctly! Test. Disable. Test. Change browser - Sometimes that can be the issue with this 1. Try clearing your browsing history, cache and cookies. 2. Check your extensions as well That said... Understand the error meaning specifically and understand the possible causes. This message means your site is pointing to more than one location. So it will have something to do with one of these I imagine: DNS ZONE WHERE THE NAMESERVER IS POINTING .Htaccess redirect Host Level redirect Misconfigured firewall? If you have one! SSL RELATED! (my bet) You using ssl? If its not server related then I'm not sure how this could be software related other than possible ssl settings. I've learned only so much in my own short time.
  7. Plenty of people paying premiums elsewhere. So few listen at those places
  8. Instead of setting an impressions value to deliver when creating a product. Would you not think it would be better if we could lets say: Assign a maximum impression limit to each configured ad placement area. (As in: We'd be able to go... ok... I can fill 100,000 impressions on that block per month, So let me set that as a maximum limit) so that I can take on no more than that. A setting to assign a $ value per 1,000 Impressions to each configured ad placement area. Products that sell with the impressions setting should be defaulted on the product page to include a entry form for how many impressions they wish to purchase, It should state how many are available. Which should also state the cost per 1,000 impressions and use that with the maximum capacity value of the block to determine the cost and size of purchase and display it to the user. Voila. Impressions based advertisements are now all automated (except for approval). The current way leads to issues I think. Mainly heavy workload as additional fields are all we have and they seem to all require editing of purchases to add extra impressions unless of course you set up a ton of products for different impressions amounts but then that causes a few other problems like what if you oversell. So with all that said. The little list would make things WAAAAY better! Throwing this down as I usually do. Listen or ignore. I came not to bore but to improve the core! Much love! p.s - If I'm missing something here lemme know. Maybe I just don't know commerce. It has only been 2 days
  9. I should say doubling traffic is not the important factor here.... Active users however...I gained a 32% increase overall....and I'm able to retain them. Strategy.... Much... Core updates from ips came at a good time. Forum competition warfare. Lots of censorship elsewhere. People like our content but our look and a myriad of bugs kept annoying others. Now that has changed. ips fixed most of MY issues with pre-4.2. Not something that is IPS's fault either. I just wanted things better and did it custom. Now they do it as standard and that allowed me to remove some bulky stuff and gave me tons of new features. I would say If I had to that I maybe lowered my own traffic by doing some of what I did. When I finally lifted the causes, coupled it with the new 4.2 look and features. Throw in a couple of great marketing moves against the competition.... I'd say it all turned out nicely. I do however think the 4.2 update accounted for a lot of the change... My site looks professional, and well branded. And it works well too. That is down to the IPS software and support team! You know what I like about IPS?? They listen I like to think I have a voice in shaping things as do we all. I also like the fact they can understand my sometimes brain melting explanations of things... Saints... the lot of them... But in closing.... If I thought it was all me... I'd claim that for myself (because I'd be proud of my progress). A badge of self respect if you will! However.... IPS staff and software have to take a piece of the pie on this one.. It's been wonderful. So glad I ditched mybb 2 years back.... And it was word of mouth that brought me here. This place is awsome they said. Great software. plunged straight into 4.0.... hehe that was a blast... but Now i'm feeling it...
  10. Just waiting on IPS tickets to come back. I have a few they've yet to get to that one Probably best to keep it all in one I only use youtube. But it's probably best to limit all videos. example: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. As I'm sure others will use them.
  11. Hey mike, It's been a while since I've asked about recurring donations being taken through your app. I've got members wanting it every other week now. Do you have plans to add it any time soon?
  12. I think they were going to remove imgur support from ips. I had the same issue. Not sure if that is still the stance!
  13. I do however have a question... Any plans to limit videos too? I'm always having someone posting 20+ videos... so it would be handy.
  14. I was way too tired when I wrote the bugs. I've gone over what issues I had and answered you below. Hopefully this helps. From the yt image thumbnail I believe. it was coming in as http on the page. As when I checked unsecure parts that image was the only part http. (Easily fixed it by changing the http to https is the xml file though) Oh replication on this one! With Ajax pagination on: switch between pages with videos on on the page you land on, They fail to load with playable image on them and click to youtube With Ajax pagination off, The above does not happen and they load fine. with it either on or off, if you enter a thread and post a video. The post will be added to the thread but the video within the post will not be playable and will take you to youtube if clicked until you refresh the page. Seems to be an issue with ajax auto loading the posts in and the videos failing onto the non javascript backup, Logic wise that seems to be the issue.
  15. Nope. I think I just need to wait for some Ips things to be patched before I try again. @Mike John in fact just in case someone else complains... I have a bug with and without this plugin in which if you trigger the emoticon limit, or the field required editor message then the buttons in the editor become unusable until refresh. Happens without this plugin but in case someone thought it was this... a heads up!
  16. Videos seems to sometimes randomly play in the background also! Edit: Never-mind. Uninstalling.
  17. Sure is... It's to the point I feel almost complete... I just needed to increase speed. I got that covered with lazy loading videos and disabling everything else Just need to get that plugin bug fixed and voila I'm done until something shiny catches my attention....dare I say 4.3.... hehe you all know in a year we'll be talking about it What I like about the overall look is this.... It makes all pages work as standard and look good. Before 4.2 I had to try really hard to make the pages look good. Now they default to amazing. So what more is to say I can be IPS's harshest critic or nicest up talker... they sway me towards being nice with all these jazzy functional things...
  18. Actually to expand on this their are other issues. For some reason the videos 50% load with the image and play button! 50% of the time they do not. It's a mix on one page sometimes. This is also the cause for videos not being playable after posting and them merging into posts. I've also encountered issues with people quoting videos and those videos quotes being a squashed image that is unclickable. Kinda annoying and a touch messy. I know you get busy but I'm sure you can do something? I think it has something to do with being ajax loaded? this can't be turned off in some places.... Hope you can do something.
  19. also after posting a video, and the post merging in after send clicking the video takes you to youtube? Can it be made to play inside without a page refresh? As it's kind of annoying. I'm using 4.2
  20. A button to toggle between http and non https would be nice in the plugin setting. I was able to make it work by changing http to https within the xml! I was getting a browser ssl warning but all is good now. I imagine others on ssl only might have this issue too.
  21. Change Games & Tecnologia to Community Forums and set as index and move that forum into the list with the rest. Then you can select any of the forums from the list and view only one. While clicking the Comunity Forums index you clicked will highlight all forums... That work?
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