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  1. It's been a while since I've made some suggestions but now I've had time to focus on running my website I have come across a few things that could increase productivity for myself and generally makes things either easier for me or better for members. I am not sure if any of this is doable. But sharing my pov. Report Center Is First Report Center Needs Notifications when Moderators Comment - I understand that it's functional right now but collaboration between staff on issues is hurt by this fact. Or at the very least makes it harder. Report Center Could Do With Allowing Members Access to A Report they Make - So that moderators can address those who have reported content. I'm not so sure of how beneficial it would be or even if it would work but I can't help but keep thinking I wish I could reply to reports. Post Editor Pasting a Video Embed Needs Tweaking - When I quote a user and paste a video immediately, a spacing issue between the quote and the video exists, this also happens when posting several videos in a row. They touch at the top. Notifications Notifications for content that is Merged, Moved - (maybe a toggle to notify would be better), I would find it helpful to inform my members when content is moved or merged. I think this is possible with third party apps but I believe it should be part of ips as standard. Reason for needing this is that I am always finding myself answering where a topic has been moved. Or questions about where content has gone. Improved Permissions Error Message - I get of a lot of people thinking that content has been deleted when it has in fact been merged. Since a topic that has been merged into another will display a no permissions error where it has been linked and embedded. A way to indicate that content has not been deleted would help greatly in easing member concerns about censorship. That's all I got for now!
  2. They take care of the software So you can focus on running your website. Laid back. Feet up! Kudos to the team here. That will be all.
  3. Yeah thumbnail generation is not working, and when it is there are loading issues with trying to fetch images and failing. I've switched to manually uploading now. So it's ok
  4. Still having issues. Is there a way I can edit a template to just include a picture of a link as default? and not bother with all this.
  5. None of the thumbnail generators work now. except maybe the paid one. Not sure.
  6. Ok so I've made it so purchases do not expire so soon if not paid. A year then added a link in the purchase popup. This is not very intuitive. Actually hurts subscriptions by making it hard for them to purchase. When a product expires it should allow you to repurchase from the store with whatever new terms you select I think.
  7. They still get an error when attempting to purchase from store after expiry though right? Or does this change that?
  8. Can something be done about this? I have members who want subscriptions and cannot purchase!
  9. I understood. Explained it above All is good now.
    Confirmed working in 4.2 with zero bugs. Makes things a touch easier for me.
  10. I think you change the archive settings and it will prompt you that some of the already archived topics no longer will be archived and they get marked for the ips task to unarchive. I went through this yesterday myself.
  11. Because as it is some of the urls can be long. They look ugly. I just want to replace the hyperlinked text of these url fields to something else so that it's clean and sharp but still have it go to those places when clicked of course. So a setting to set the text of a url field would be really handy. This does not seem to be possible with even template edits so here I am. Asking.
  12. Oh. Thanks. Could be IPS related then. I just assumed since it only affects the embeds on databases. Tested with another blank database... Confirmed. Ips related. Thanks for the confirm. Sorry to bother you
  13. I've located a bug. Don't think it's anything I've done. Could you check it yourself for me. When posting a link to a record within a topic. Url structure of my url below! https://www.**.com/knowledgebase/guideline-definitions/no-advertising-r63/ It embeds correctly. But clicking it takes you to a new page ?do=embed query instead of taking you to the content.
  14. I heard back. Got the publish_actions permission now. Ignore the other 2 needed for promoting! IF you keep the feature staff only they allow you to just add facebook accounts to the app developers list and that will allow usage without need for the permissions. The guy I dealt with said that is all you need to do... the publish_actions is easy to get. The other two impossible with the autofill. Alas you do not need to get permissions for them if staff only. And I imagine everyone will be setting them to staff only. IF so then its as easy as adding the facebook account in the app settings. Voila I am happy. Sharing in case others need to know this stuff!
  15. depends. my first was 14 hours. then second 30 minutes, third an hour, etc etc 8th attempt is a day and a half in.. ignoring me now they are..
  16. That's because you have testing permissions. However use it a lot and I imagine they will block your fbapp.
  17. I am on my 8th submission. Last attempt. The promote function is basically unusable unless you can trick facebook to let it slide. The guidelines they have for review are breached by the autofill in every case. Can't get it past them. Oh well. It's annoyed me enough.
  18. this is commented out..... so it won't work. it should be! Standard is /* whatever is here will be disabled and not work, to be used for notes. Putting css inside these will break things unless you just want to save code in them for later use */
    Same as his other templates. They do what they say. I've been hoping this one would come. Very pleased. Can't wait to tweak it to my liking when I have more time.
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