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  1. I'd imagine this could be done with template edits. I currently have issues with my site and I am waiting on support to finalize a fix. So I don't have a way to figure out exactly what to do exactly for you. IF that changes though I'll try and remember to come back and see if I can't figure it out for you! If you want to look yourself. I'd look for whatever has ipsTabs_activeItem as a class related to tabs within the profile template! Could be as simple as removing it from whatever it defaults to now. To adding it to the about us tab.
  2. Seo 20% Layout 25% and the rest from speed improvements since I could tear out custom things that Ips now does better.
  3. Feedback? How about 4.2 doubling my site traffic! An unexpected side effect. I'm not complaining... hehe! Signups through the roof. Speed increased insanely. I'm happy!
  4. Yep pretty much. I had thought of that but I think the way they would embed would be too bulky!
  5. I've been thinking on using attachments on my forums for a while, sadly IPS attachments in the current form are of no use to me. This is not a criticism of the product, But more personal preference. However I would like to expand on what I would like to see in the hopes it will come. As I think this would benefit the software vastly. I'll do my best to set the vision in my mind but be warned I may not be very good at it. In terms of visuals I would: Rename attachments to "Media Library In terms of function I would: Add a setting to force new uploads to the media library to require approval by a moderator or admin before they are usable on the forum itself. With an additional setting to bypass approval based on user groups in locations like pages, databases etc in case of article submission in which approval of images would not be needed as most require approval before they go live in every set-up I've seen. The above would change attachments from something I do not use due to the lack of control over images. To something I could give access to those who donate on my website, I would rename media library to Memes for my personal preference. And I would give my paid subscribers the ability to manage their own personal collection of forum memes for use as is my personal preference. They would require approval so that Nudity and Anything deemed problematic can be removed thus keeping my forum clean with a touch of additional control as I see open uploading problematic. Things get slipped in and my mod team is small. The less chances you give them to get at you. The better. Some communities are of a very different breed. I would say that this small set of changes would greatly enhance the attachments section of the software. While I have outlined how I would use it and how it would help me I do think it would also work better for everyone else. Who thinks this is a good idea? P.s - This I think would compliment the databases and pages section greatly also. As attachments does not seem to do those area's justice.
  6. Shadow banning is one of the few things I hate... If you want to keep userbases i'd be careful with such a feature. It has a tendency to make them angry once the secret is out and you will regret implementing it. I imagine this could change dependent on niche. So it does have it's uses. But I have a rule, When people shadow-ban. I never visit again!
  7. I have a better idea. Preset values.... 0.1 / 0.5 / 1 I limit by rep because of the +1.. and no one wants 0... or -1 because of drama... but 0.1 would be nice. And then I'd allow more rep to be given a day. Not to mention decimals might make things nice looking? as the rep count should not get as high??
  8. Oh now there is an idea. Security hardening service on apps and plugins. Special badge in store for those that undergo it. Devs can pay IPS or a third party to have their plugin or app checked for security flaws! Or is this not needed. Just throwing it out anyway!
  9. Correct me IF I am wrong. But as it stands I had to severely cut down on the amount and size of emoticons I use due to loading issues. So I take it there is a limit due to how they load in the editor?? Or maybe it hogs resources when someone clicks the smiley if there are too many?? I'm unsure of the above. Maybe a staff member can assist me with how they work exactly and the limitations. As my community would love more and more and more memes. It is something they keep asking for since I removed what I had. Anyone got suggestions on this or info that can help me satisfy my members!
  10. Just an idea! Oh and people could stick an ad block there right where people click
  11. I can tell you doing number 2 would be easy.. with just a css edit.. I think IPS will not add that as standard, Its more a custom thing. .cForumMiniList_wrapper { max-height: 300px; overflow: auto; } then you just set the max-height to accommodate what you want!
  12. Good to know you will take a look at it for a future version. Can't wait to update to 4.2 and then this app too very pleased with it.
  13. Is it possible to have edits made to links entries go through approval again? I have them needing approval on submission but having it on edits too would be very handy so I can stop any slipping in of other things. I've looked but could not see a way. Correct me if I am wrong!
  14. Does this mean release may be sooner than planned? I ask because I'm putting off final preparations Do I need to not do that hehe
  15. I'm prepared Oh and in color because I wanted to see what they looked like
  16. I don't suppose you have a default angry icon that will match I think that should be a default. We can show every emotion but anger??
  17. Well done on another feature I've wanted! Pushing to the future. I like it. Also this finally showed me images of the new default theme Liking the looks. I might just remove a lot of my custom theming.. I like the new default now
  18. A suggestion! A lot of the time when we merge content. And people have linked to it in a topic it displays the generic user permissions error, Problem is this leads to A LOT of people crying that we deleted something and screams of censorship follow. Could we get a way to have it say a thread was merged with a link to the new thread in place of on-site embedded links for topic that have been merged? Instead of the generic permissions error? or would this be hard to do?
  19. Rss feeds are cool right now but are a little lacking. So this is a suggestion I think would help. Pulling of an rss feed (as we have now via widget) but with the ability to pull up the thumbnails from videos or images from articles. And have them display in either a vertical list in the sidebar, much like how @opentype has done so in the supergrid app. And its widget. I think the benefits of being able to pull off-site content and displaying it in a beautiful manner like this would be great for a lot of sites. Personally, I would use it to pull and display in a pretty way rss feeds for youtube channels and possibly articles my users might be interested in. So that I can keep them as informed as possible.
  20. Yeh. If viewing a topic list with multiple forums selected with how the filter is to work.
  21. Hmm I Imagine this my make a mess of the category view if people have pins in each forum. front page of pins eek!
  22. @Charles do you know have any plans on a way to add fontawsome icons into the colored boxes in the filter per forum? I think that would be a nice visual improvement if possible? Maybe even a way to set a fontawsome icon to a forum? for all views?
  23. Nice terminology It's almost as if.... nah... that would be crazy!
  24. I would like to know this too. As well as how will adding a topic work now? Obviously you are not in any one forum so...
  25. Ok this seems like exactly what I wanted. Blown away. But also concerned about how many changes are coming now I have a lot of custom stuff hehe... this could take time.... Shame I can not get wamp set up with ips... I fail every time.... bah something link me a way to set up a testing server / localhost with instructions if yall have one. Least then I might have a chance Also you say: Of course, you can permit your members to change the view to better suit their way of working. So if I can permit then I can also choose not too right? MORE IMPORTANTLY! HOW WILL SELECTION BE DONE VIA MOBILE?? I would suggest if it is not this way already that the forum view show a dropdown above forums similar to when tabs are condensed? to give somewhat same functionality as sidebar to mobile? or is that too much?
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