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  1. Hey, thanks for pointing this out. I will try to add the questions into a widget on my testinstallation
  2. Hey, I am using a second post because this has nothing to do with the above. I stumbled across a very full system error log, but I am not sure if this is caused by this application, just wanted you to know so you could take a look if you have time to check. I do not know what could cause this entries. Backtrace I have round about 200 entries. I've checked the file permissions, the folder has write permissions. Regards, Phil
  3. Thanks for the hint, just found it. (I guess). Looks like DevFuse doesn't like my e-mail though. I've asked for assistance on their website
  4. Hey @Mike John is there the possibility to remove the copyright line? An additional fee or something like that? Looking forward to an answer Phil
  5. Hey @HeadStand I've tested the new version and it doesn't really seem to work for me. I've updated the old version with "Upload a new version" and I deleted the old version and installed a fresh one. Unfortunately the language strings seem to be missing for the search function, where only the language keys are displayed, when I search for them in the language pack the system cannot find them. The search itself also does not seem to work. Even when inside the FAQ System the search delivers no results (I just searched for 1 word to be sure). Another problem I stumbled across is the breadcrumb navigation: When you click on a question to open it (not the anchor in the list which scrolls the site down to question itself) the name of the question is doubled (Questionname -> Questionname). The first of the two names is then set some pixels down so its basically under the actual breadcrum navigation. Default 4.2 Theme: My Custom Theme: Edit: Just remembered that the questions opened as a popup in the old version, so the above behaviour is not wanted or are there no popups anymore? I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but right now it does not seem that v3.1 of the application is suitable for production (I've cleared my cache btw just to be sure). I will stick to the older version for now. IPB: 4.2.5 Best regards, Phil
  6. Hi, as I wrote above I already have a test forum with my demo license key for testing purposes. I would have to delete everything and reconfigure it afterwards which is a lot of work, so I asked because it might've been that somebody has a clean install and could just copy & paste the names of the tables
  7. Hey, does anybody know or can tell me what tables the database for IPS 4.x uses? I've upgraded from 3.x to 4.x when it was released and still have some orphaned tables (including some plugins I do not use anymore). After having problems with converting my database from utf8 to utf8mb4, because the system still threw the information that those changes should be made, I changed some tables manually, which kept utf8. Know all checks run fine, but I am not sure if I could drop those tables I changed as they're perhaps not needed anymore. Is there anybody who could provide me a list of the "standard tables" you have with a clean 4.x installation? Or can I find a list somewhere? I am already running a demo version for upgrade and plugin testing so it would be a mess to overwrite this with a clean installation and revert it afterwards, if somebody wonders why I don't do it this way Thanks, Phil
  8. Hey guys, I've noticed that sometimes the notification bar you get, when there is an upgrade to the suite available, is missing. I only get the email that I can upgrade the suite. Also there is no hint in the ACP -> Dashboard. Therefore I cannot upgrade within the suite. Only after running Support -> "something isn't working" I get the hint that I am not running the latest version within the regular checks. After that I have the notification bar on the front-end and the back-end. Does anybody have similar problems? I don't want to nag support with it if it is not necessary. IPB: 4.2.4 during upgrade to 4.2.5 Thanks in advance, Phil
  9. Hey guys, thanks @Optic14 your solution worked. I've had a chat with support because I thought that it might be a bug that I can't see the permission when I only activate the partial timestamp log and I would have to activate the full log only to set the permission right. According to support what I did is a workaround because it should not be possible to "activate" the permission to view a silent edit unless you've activated the full log. For now this will still work, maybe they change it in the future. I will now use the full log as this is the only official way of seeing silently made edits. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the hint but my problem is that I can't see the edited by line if it was silently edited. I've already set the option you are referring to and my staff can edit silently. Yep I am using 4.2.x. Sorry I missed to mention that. Thanks for the explanation, I will try this out. I would've never assumed that this has to do with a log option as it is inline within a post. Cheers, Phil
  11. I must be stupid or blind then. I do not have a option for that within the moderator permissions. Members -> Moderators -> Edit Group? Then which tab? Or whats the name of the option? Sry for the stupid questions... never had a problem like this before, always found everything
  12. Hey guys, I need your help. I am looking for the option where you can allow staff members to be able to see, when content has been edited even it was "silently edited". I've looked in to every option I could imagine, google just brought me to a topic where there has been discussed the availability of this option. Is this option still present? Because I as the administrator (who installed the board) am not able to see silently edited content and I cannot find the option where to enable it.. I've looked into the group permissions and the moderator permissions, any ideas? Thanks in advance, Phil
  13. Hey, I'm just a user but I think i can help you. You could sync them manually if you want to, the task is run once per day. You could set that time if you run the task manually at a specific time (e.g. 8 pm it always runs at 8 pm). Check the "Tasks" overview inside the Admin CP. If they've been a member of a group since the last sync and they enter the UUID then, they get immediately assigned on teamspeak. Now to my own question: @Ahmad E. Hey Ahmad, I've last answered you in april to your question, just a quick reminder of what a still persistent problem is: Users have to accept the new guidelines (e.g. after you made changes). This is a default Invision Community setting Users are then redirected to a screen where they have to accept them as soon as they log in Users who are members in a group which is forced to enter a UUID are also redirected to the screen where they can enter the UUID As soon as both occasions take place the get stuck in a redirect loop, thus resulting in a error the browser (for me Chrome) throws: Too many redirects Users are then not able to use the website at all, because this happens the second they log in I don't know if it is possible, but is it able to only redirect if there is no other redirection present? Or show a permanent bar / window which tells the user to enter the UUID and which cannot be dismissed? EDIT: Another small thing I found are the ban reasons inside the Admin CP. When you enter a longe reason why someone was banned the line doesn't break to a new line, but continues to the right just off the screen. Regards, Phil
  14. Hey @Ahmad E. Sure you can try it, first I would say I test it once more, because I think I might've missunderstood something with how the application works. I will start a new test. I don't think its a plugin. In the System Tab, when you edit the guidelines and edit the registration terms there (at the very bottom) you get the option to force members to accept the new registration / site terms. This does not apply for the guidelines / rules of the page or the privacy policy. If you have any questions or still can't find this option feel free to PM me Thanks for the last update and best regards Phil
  15. Thanks a lot I am looking forward to the updates. Great job
  16. Hey @Ahmad E. I think I found another bug. I have an admin who was not logged in on the website for a long time, thus he has to accept the new guidelines. He is now in a loop between accepting the guidelines and being forced to enter his UUID resulting in his browser to not being able to load the page at all. He's receiving the error "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" The only way to get around this right now is disabling the forced UUID for his group. Best regards, Phil
  17. I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean, could you please clarify a bit more on what you are trying to accomplish? Thanks. First of all thanks for the super fast reply. First the settings I had: Teamspeak 3 Server with already assigned servergroups (admin, member, etc.). Then I had usergroups on the forum for most of the users. I set up the usergroups to match the servergroups and hit re-sync all. Now my sequence: After a member now enters his UUID and connects afterwards to the teamspeak server they still have their "old" servergroups and will only get updated if I hit re-sync while they're online. I then deleted every user manually in the teamspeak servergroups. Now the users connect without servergroups (Captain Obvious). After they add their UUID to the forum they instantly get their corresponding servergroup assigned. So it seems like the application does not delete or edit the servergroups (after adding at least one UUID) for users who already had a servergroup assigned prior to installing / using the app. This is where I am unsure if I am missunderstanding how this app is assigning the groups or this is a minor bug (if you want to name it like that). This is absolutly low priority, but it made me think After the procedure above every user seems to have their servergroups assigend without the need of a re-sync. Thanks a lot Phil
  18. Hi Ahmad, I recently bought this application and love it. It eases the management of the servergroups a lot. I do still have some questions though, I've read the thread and can hopefully prevent asking questions twice. I've seen a request to have the uuid as a profile field, which you declined. Would it be possible to (optionally) move it from an extra page to the "edit profile" section, without being displayed as a profile field. Something like the e-mail or name? Feels more intuitiv than "searching" for the right place to add this information. I looked into the profile myself the first time tbh, as I expected it to find it there, because it adds additional info to my profile. Another spot I thought about was when you're logged in and you click on your own name the menu pops-up with settings, moderator cp, acp, etc. A link in this menu could probably although be a solution to my thought. In my oppinion this would give a clearer look. In the ban list if a ban is permanent, thus never ending, the time, when the ban would end, is the time of the beginning. Could this be changed somehow to a language string like "never" or "permanent"? I have checked both options "remove additional ts groups" and "remove groups from unlinked uuids". Non the less all the "old" servergroups, which have been assigned prior to installing this application remain and will only get removed as long as the member is online on the teamspeak server and I hit re-sync, although I synced all the groups after setting everything up. Is this a bug / a feature / or me missunderstanding how this works? Would it be able to add some moderator options to the front-end like managing bans and removing / re-syncing uuids (all or single users on their profile maybe). I have several admins which could use this, but I do not want to grant them access to the acp just for this one option and many of them lack the knowledge of how to use a backend properly. I hope this was not to much for my first post in this support thread. Thanks in advance, Phil
  19. Hey @HeadStand I have some questions to this wonderful application (maybe they are caused by my stupidity, who knows). When I want to add a new question the previous content gets restored, sometimes even for already set and saved questions, which would then delete the original text. So if I want to edit questions I have to copy the text in advance, clear the editor from wrongly loaded content and then edit the text after pasting. Where are the names of the questions pulled from? When I add a new question to a collection by Manage Collections -> Collection Questions I have only empty strings in the drop-down menu. Just one question has a name, but this is not what I entered as question Is it possible to link the list entries of all the collections directly to the specific collection page? Right now it works as an anchor I guess and the page auto-scrolls to the position on the main FAQ page where all the questions for one collection are placed. I am using IPB Thanks in advance, Phil P.S. If my questions are somewhat not clear enough pls ask and I will try to explain it in a different way.
  20. This might be the bug with enabling / disabling the bot. After this time I used the hint in this topic to leave the bot enabled. I could not find any other errors in the logs. According to the moderator log, the topic got moved, but that never happend, nor was a post created inside the topic. I've tested it again on non-internal forums. It kinda works on them, the topics get moved, but with an odd behaviour. The moved from ... to ... post does not appear on the topic that got moved, but on a random topic inside the forum the topic got moved out of. Here it says the random topic got moved from forum A to forum A (so inside the same forum). I am not sure what I could've possilby done wrong while installing the plugin I am glad if I can help resolve this issue or even when it's just a configuration problem on my site Cheers
  21. I can confirm the EX4096 Something went wrong. Please try again. Bug. As long as you're not choosing yourself as a bot this bug comes up. Having the bot disabled results in the above error. Cheers EDIT: Tested it with and the plugin does not work for me. It does nothing at all, the topic does not even get moved, as long as the plugin is installed. After uninstalling it, I can move topics again. Tested with bot enabled/disabled and with/without links in the old forum.
  22. I've kind of solved it by downloading all folders from the webspace and re-uploaded them to the demo site. I don't know why, but that brought back the buttons. Maybe the upload failed and some files are missing, I don't really know. At least that fixed the problem for me. Regards
  23. Hey guys, I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a problem with importing my live database to my test location. It is the same server, just a subdomain, so all requirements are met (and both are running von version 3.4.8). What I did was the following create database backup (tried phpMyAdmin & MySQL Dumper)freshly installed 3.4.8uploaded my custom skin, activated, recached and so onimported the databaseNow my problem is that all buttons are missing their text or e.g. the stats in the forums are missing. I've partially translated the suite, but even those not translated show this behaviour. I am now curios if I did something wrong (I did not follow the steps like in the "Transferring Community to a New Server" Guide, so I am not sure if there have to paths changed (I did change the paths the guide suggested, though) Furthermore I changed the .htaccess to the new path of the subdomain, added the changed furlTemplates. Right now I do not really know what else I could do. If you need any further information please feel free to ask for it. Thanks in advance Phil
  24. Phil7789


    Hey, I've sent you a PM but unfortunately you didn't open it yet. In the meantime I found some odd behaviour while testing. AS soon as you use emoticons in the teams description (just did this while testing) the 'alt' Text seems to get escaped and there for Not closing correctly. This results in a missbehaving table on the overview of all teams. I tested it on other parts in my forum and it seems like it is only affected in the teams description. Cheers
  25. Whoops, that's a typo you're right. I've added the correct short name in my settings though. I will send you a PM with the details, its just the names that are not fetched. Best regards Phil7789
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