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  1. I had an issue earlier today where my board went offline and after several hours of self-service I threw in the towel and made a support ticket and within 5 minutes I had a response from @Rhett that helped me isolate the issue despite it not being software related. Now, it's obvious that this is my responsibility as I opted to host my own files but despite the circumstance, I was given guidance that led to the resolution of my issue. Thanks to you as well @Marc S for following up on my issue.
  2. Rumour has it every time a ticket is created @Rhett wakes up from deep sleep in a panic.
  3. Should we start creating motivational support tickets?
  4. The current downloads embed is way too bulky. Please revert back to the vertical structure but keep the download button and additional information!
  5. @TLMD send a UHD monitor to my address so I can "reproduce" this issue.
  6. One last question for anyone. Suppose I want the value to show as 3k instead of 2,900 how can I go about doing so?
  7. Also, if anyone knows of a theme compatible with 4.1 that I can reference that would be great!
  8. I'm trying to add topic count back to forumrow but the old function doesn't want to count sub forums. {{if $forum->topics}} <span class='ipsType_light'></span> {$forum->topics} {{endif}}/ {{if $forum->posts}} <span class='ipsType_light'></span> {$forum->posts} {{endif}} The above works great other than the fact it doesn't count subs. Any idea?
  9. Assuming by the lack of OP replies this issue is resolved?
  10. @Brotherhalo Do you have friendly_urls on or off?
  11. This is showing on several sections but there are in fact no threads pending approval. How do I remove?
  12. @TheJackal84 That is how it works yes. But what happens if they need to re download it in 7 months? I myself have been in situations where I've had to completely reinstall my hooks/applications but let me just be clear I'm not trying to bully you into rethinking your pricing as this is your content not mine. I noticed you were pretty new to the community and wanted to try to shift you before you landed in the dark side. Your pricing is fair but just remember that having said renewal you're liable for dedicated updates otherwise anyone whom renewed can request a refund via IPS as forcing members to rebuy the same content over and over is a no go. Either way good luck with sales.
  13. @TheJackal84 That's the thing.. You are. By adding a renewal price you're forcing everyone to repay in the event they ever have to redownload it despite if there has ever been any updates. My grudge is not towards you in any way I'm just not pleased with what direction the marketplace is going with insanely inflated pricing as well as ridiculous renewals. I just noticed the other plugin and confused it with this one. I was irritated at first because I thought you had changed it from free to paid which happens here more often than you'd think.
  14. @superj707 when I viewed it 2-3 hours ago I could of sworn it was free. But I know for a fact the price changed within that time frame. Perhaps I'm naive and feel that people shouldn't have to spend $10.00 on something that could be easily done adding a few lines of code into your forum container. I will say the cover photo behind the avatar is hot but none the less useless as cover photos tend to be large and would only shrink it down into a pile of pixelated rubble.
  15. I had to withdraw my like up until you put a tag on it. $10.00 and a renewal for this? Is this even a plugin or is it a text file with template snips? There's several of these already released that are very similar almost identical that is currently free. I would rethink your pricing.
  16. I average 1TB a month with 5 million page views and I'm running an OVH dedicated server just fine. @superj707 there's plenty of providers who offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, however, they'll cap you if you become a problem and I think your mere file base right from the start would scare any potential provider away. I would highly recommend deleting old and outdated content as well as incorporating more compression in your systems algorithm. PS: https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/fs/160fs2.xml is well more than enough, in fact, it's a bit overkill. My OVH allowance is 500gb but I always go over and they don't say anything about it.
  17. When adding multiple renewal options there should be an options node allowing you to adjust the base price. For instance, if the default price of your package is $10.00 and you have two renewal options for $30.00 a month and $60.00 a year your base price should change accordingly. As of right now the only options are to add to base price (10.00 + 30.00/60.00 = 40.00/70.00) Sure you can adjust the base price and or the renewal price but the value will not be true. I was unable to find a work around which forced me to create multiple packages.
  18. When a member registers using a username that is added to the "bad word filter" they register as ******* Is there not a way to make the bad word filter and banned usernames shake hands without having to manually adding all my bad words?
  19. If it's a download embed please add a download button! --Edit-- I should of kept reading >.>
  20. @Foolboy one can only hope this becomes a task.
  21. @daveoh thanks! The current forum icon system is a bit non-seo friendly atm so I'm opting out and instead using a static icon to reduce response time and raise my seo score.
  22. Is there no longer an option to change the default forum icon other than having to reupload the same image for each category?
  23. There isn't a page template that works like the providers page here is there?
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