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  1. At this point, would anybody be willing to pitch money in for a third-party developer to work on this?
  2. Sorry if I missed this in any of the blogs, but is AMP being supported in Invision Community 4.5?
  3. I really would like to bump this up. I feel like it's a no-brainer to add some type of AMP support in IPB sooner, rather than later.
  4. Would anybody be willing to create a plugin for this?
  5. Couldn't agree more. On my Wordpress blog, the majority of traffic is mobile and any google search on mobile autmoatically retrieves the AMP version of my site.
  6. The app that Adriano Faria is developing looks fantastic. Be sure to send him a PM to gain access to the development, and so he can implement your suggestions.
  7. I'm in. Dropped you a message!
  8. Looking forward to purchasing this once 4.2 officially is released!
  9. Jeff mack hit on my question. Im using two seperate servers, that's what made me inclined to purchase this plugin.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and purchased the plugin! Thanks again!
  11. One thing that I just realized. I currently am hosting my community forums with IPS hosting, while the main wordpress site is hosted on a completely different server. Will this mean I will not be able to use the plugin?
  12. Jeff, thanks for the reply. Although I do still feel it's high, I do understand your arguments. I didn't realize that the other plugins were heavily focused on the wordpress side of things. Although my site is heavily wordpress, I'd rather manage all the users and accounts on the IPB side due to it's superiority.
  13. Looks great. I could really use this plugin, but not sure if it's worth such a high price tag.
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