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  1. Yes 馃檪 Congrats! you deserve it and we deserve your great support 馃檪
  2. @TheJackal84, any activity here?
  3. Download application broken when the members shop enabled. To reproduce the issue, you need to toggle the multiple files upload option, and start the upload, on the inputs and content page, the labels are broken and not translated. The issue leads to not be be able to upload multiple files. When the application Disabled: When the application Enabled:
  4. I want to post a limited time links that will be locked in a specific dates, as now, manual locking needed...
  5. Closed like a topics, no more comments / reviews. And a label will be added near the title in a listing and inside the link
  6. Is it possible to add "Closing date" adding for the application? The option will close the links and ad "expired" "ended" label
  7. I didn't used an API to post the content, is that what you meant?
  8. HTML message not parsed anymore 馃槥 讘讻讚讬 诇专讗讜转 讗转 拽讘爪讬诐 讛诪爪讜专驻讬诐, 讬砖 爪讜专讱 <a href="https://devhub.co.il/boards/register/">讛专砖诪讛</a> 讗讜 <a href="https://devhub.co.il/boards/login/">诇讛转讞讘专</a>!
  9. It is depand on the IPS team 馃檭
  10. I want to use the "Manual image upload" option to load other than screenshots if exist...
  11. Can you please add an option to upload an image/add a URL to image via REST API usage?
  12. This application has a conflict with a keys that Downloads application use: top_submitters_empty__all top_submitters_empty__month top_submitters_empty__week top_submitters_empty__year I can't translate properly those strings since it overwritten then.
  13. I'm using the posting topic via rest API so I'm good but I need a parameter for posting the actual link, I think that something is missing.
  14. I get this error: { "errorCode": "2S290/5", "errorMessage": "INVALID_CONTROLLER" }
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