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  1. @A Zayed What configuration could cause images not to display? I have tried troubleshooting it but am unable to find a solution. Happens on every theme as well.
  2. I have a problem with images not wanting to show. Anyway I could get you to take a look at it?
  3. Thanks. That's what I assumed, but didn't want to do something on a live site that would be difficult to undo.
  4. @Adriano Faria If the setting "Require an invitation to register an account" is turned off, and the setting "Change primary group of new user" is turned on, does this mean that all of the following would be true: Anyone can register An option to enter a Invite Code is still shown on registration screen Users without an invite will end up in the default "Member" group per ACP settings Users WITH an invite who entered their code during registration will be placed into the group chosen in Invite System Settings when toggling "Change primary group of new user"? Please let me know. The instructions on the settings page "This will be the group that the user will be moved to after create the account." does not give me enough info to understand. Thank you!
  5. SF_Ronin

    Radical Tags

    Much appreciated. Read through the last page or two and you've been busy. I appreciate you taking care of this issue! Have a happy New Year!
  6. SF_Ronin

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto Hey, it's been a minute. Any update on this?
  7. SF_Ronin

    Radical Tags

    Yes. That is what your item description says the product can do. You can set the minimum, but IPB doesn't honor those settings. It doesn't work. Unfortunately, this was the selling point for me. Where do we go from here @Makoto ? Thanks.
  8. SF_Ronin

    Radical Tags

    So after much internal debate, I ended up buying this mainly for the ability to choose certain forums to require tags without having to require tags site-wide. This feature doesn't appear to be working in the current version though. Is this a known issue? Any timeline on when this might be corrected? Thank you!
  9. SF_Ronin

    Radical Tags

    Anyone have this application installed and willing to share their site? I'm curious to see it in action. Thanks!
  10. Linked Accounts is preventing @HeadStand Newsletter app from running. Let me know if you would like some system logs.
  11. SF_Ronin


    Not sure why, but Linked Accounts seemed to be the cause. Will reach out to @Adriano Faria directly for further digging. Thanks for the PM @HeadStand
  12. SF_Ronin


    @HeadStand bumping. Any idea why the Newsletters are not running?
  13. SF_Ronin


    Esther, I seem to have an issue with the last update. Realized that although the system believes the Newsletter is sent, it never actually goes out. I have tried with PHP, SMTP, and Sendgrid. Any ideas what the issue is?
  14. Does this app require Google maps integration?
    Overall it is a good program, and if you're interested it is worth checking out. I wish the integration with Raffles was more thorough. Raffles don't display in the shop and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn off the "Buy Points" or entering the ticket $USD value. Perhaps these are 4.5 issues as there are some other random bugs and the support topic mentioned a few of them that I have found. Will update this if/when they are fixed. Update: Updated score to reflect now functioning app. The bugs have been fixed. Integration still seems quite weak though.
  15. Another bug on 4.5 Unable to disable the "Buy Points" option. Automatically toggles back on.
  16. I am unable to create batch invitations. I can change the number of invitations to create, but am unable to input "Inviter Name" in the popup. This is on Safari 14.0 Does anyone else have this issue?
    Great application to increase engagement!
  17. That was the issue. Thank you for helping track it down!
  18. SF_Ronin


    @HeadStand Any ETA for the newsletter and 4.5? Thanks!
  19. 2.5.0 is already installed. Any other ideas?
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